Is it just me,  or is annexing another country’s territories wrong?  Let me see….one’s an autocracy…. one’s a democracy. Any cause for concern?
I have seen signs by Republican supporters that say, “I’d rather be a Russian, than a Democrat…oh yea?
No problem with that?  Move your ignorant, red neck, racist ass…to Russia…just live there for a year, and see how you like it.
Just heard the Orange Man’s response, and I won’t dignify it with a comment….But Damn!
This stuff’s going south fast.
You self-proclaimed  Patriots, better check yourselves. Your about to find yourselves in an environment that you will definitely not like. You talk about freedom from mask, in the  same breath you embrace Russia.
I knew there were some, let’s call them, naive opinions, but the minute you embrace the most lethal regime next to China, you have absolutely  lost your friggin’ mind.
Google Trump’s response. The bogeyman,  that republicans have railed against for decades, is now a genius tactician?
ARE YOU F#c&in& Kidding me!
Even the most fervent supporter must, to some degree, realize, Russia is an Autocracy,  that kills any spark of creativity, and kills any entrepreneur proclivities. Yep, IDIOTS, THEY ARE GOING TO DECIDE YOUR FUTURE!  Not only that, they censor your news, they censor the media you consume, and in some cases, assign your vocation. (That means, your job..for Trump supporters).
For those who embrace the communist rule of Russian President Putin, you need to understand. While Putin forces his will  indiscriminately, that is the very definition of Communism. You folks rail against a progressive,  as communist or socialist, you have no idea what that actually looks like.


    I do not care who unfriends me over this. I do not want to be friends with anyone who remotely supports DJT…  that’s Donald John Trump…for those of you who have difficulty with consonants.     They‘re the other letters, not the vowels. A E I O U…and sometimes Y. Occasionally, we just gotta cut our loses.
I would rather associate myself with people that actually THINK, than those who are knowingly, or unknowingly, being led by the nose-ring controled by an ignorant, has been ”Reality” TV star, and a hate mongering divisive “News” network…Fox, really?
I always knew, that there was a faction of citizens, who were ripe for tribalism and easily persuaded into a cult of personality( That’s not just the name of a song, it’s actually a thing). The divide has been evident for decades. When you watched ”Dukes of Hazard”  as they drove their rebel flag adorned General Lee, did ya root for them?
If ya did, you my friend are a racist. Any support for the image and ideas of a seditionist and seperatists  who decided that the appropriate tack, was to secede from our Union, were simply traitors.
So a$$holes who claim their actions were patriotic, and who endlessly justify these actions cloaked as   “States Rights”…  are just BULLSHITTING YOU!
It was about the “right” to own humans. Get over your misguided opinions. Some people wanted to import free labor, pay what we commonly call ”Slave Labor Wages”  in order to profit. (BTW…Slave Labor Wages) are zero. Poor housing, poor sustenance (“food “for you dummies) and horrendous daily conditions for their labor.
So, while many deny the actions of our past, maybe they’ve been shielded, you must know this….In Communist Russia,  you could easily be assigned to those same task as a subject of the Sovereign State of Russia. The expansion of autocrats and their agenda, should scare the shit out of you.
Latch  on to Donald Trump’s vision,  and you may find yourself knee-deep, in the proverbial cotton fields, and trust me, you will not like it there.
( While writing this “Rant” Trump has called Putin a “Genius: for his tactics in Ukraine “, along with boot licker Mike Pompeo..) WTF!
There are a couple of things America has represented over the years…The most important tennant of our beliefs, is Democracy.
If you praise Autocrats, you are denying your affiliation to the Democratic way of life.
Roll those dice if your absolutely sure your right.  If your not ready to accept the outcome of authoritarian  rule,… ya better rethink your position. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a world of $h!t! In my mind, the choice is obvious… but heck, that’s the opinion of a free thinker, who has long been an advocate for the people, and, should almost go without saying….   Democracy.  It’s kind of our thing.
The opinion of G. North, and not sorry.

  Amended tonight: 2/23/22

    Putin has made good on his threat. Figured it was coming, but the intensity and scale might be more than we expected. Missile Strikes in KYIV. That’s very bad for Ukraine and will be very bad for the World. Lot’s of lives will be lost.
Trump’s “genius” buddy, go figure.