How ‘ bout some Grilled Pork Chops?…

   I have always loved a grilled pork chop. These guys are such a tasty protein, that absorb any sauce, seasoning, or flavor, you may want to apply.

    Here’s what I do. I do hope that those that are afraid to cook will read this. Pork Chops are so very tasty, and their cooking time is short.

This is what I started with….

    We bought a pork loin roast. This is the same cut of pork that yields center cut boneless pork chops.
Yep, boneless, center cut pork chops come from a pork loin roast.
Here’s what I do. I buy the roast when it’s on sale. Once I bring my roast home, I cut a few ‘pork chops’ from the roast I just purchased. I usually get about four.
So, we bought a pork loin roast, we cut out four pork chops, and we froze what we couldn’t use immediately.

📌Here’s what you’ll need: pork chops (usually the thicker ones do best.) bone in loin chops, or as I’ve used below, boneless, Italian dressing and Bar-B-Q sauce if want to finish them that way.

…Cooking time is around 6 to 8 min. over a medium high temp. We season the chops before we cook. Simple salt, pepper and garlic powder. Baste the chops, after seasoning,  with the Italian dressing we used before, but we leave out the margarine(don’t need it with these babies). Rotate the chops after a couple of minutes, a quarter turn, baste the chops again, then turn over. And turn them a quarter turn after a couple of min. They will most likely be done, but, if you want to add another layer of goodness, turn down the heat, and baste both sides with you favorite Bar-B-Que sauce. Just leave them on long enough to get it to “stick”.
…These cook fast and are delicious! You can also use this method with bone-in pork chops as well. They may take slightly longer because they will have some..ought-oh!…fat. But that’s the tastiest part. The stuff you have to give up if your trying to eat healthier. But heck, cook what you like to eat.


   Those chops that we separated, seem to do great after freezing. Still delicious.  It’s just another way to eat healthy and mind the budget.

     Dang, should have opened that sweet potato up a little for the pic….although, it taste great whether it was photogenic or not!  Ha!   We added roasted cauliflower, and a baked sweet potato. It was a pretty tasty meal.
As you might notice in the picture of the Bar-B-Que sauce, it’s  sugar free. I cannot tell you how good this sauce is. It’s called “Sticky Fingers” You will NOT notice the lack of sugar, but you will notice the outstanding flavor. (Shouldn’t I get paid for that plug?) Ha!
>>>Another brand, G. Hughes, has an even more extensive line of sugar free sauces, including Honey Mustard dipping sauce. They are equally as good. You have to remember, I’m diabetic so I have to lean into the “Sugar Free” world.
…You may have been lucky enough to have avoided the consequences of years of ice cream  consumed nightly, or the Oreo’s we downed with whole milk, or the huge chunks of sugary gum we got from the 7-11 with our baseball cards, but, alas, I was not.  Fortunately , I have learned a bunch of “work arounds” so it’s all good. I still think there are lots of food options out there and we are not confined to the less than satisfying flavors of DIET FOOD! We can do it, and it’s relatively painless.

🍱 Ding Ding…TIME TO EAT!

  *You can use this same method for pork tenderloin. Cooking time is 15 to 20 minutes.

Gonna do something cool with leftovers next. Your gonna like this!

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