The Tic Tok Wrap…

   Here’s a really fun item to cook. You can do it in the morning, at lunch, or for diner. Then we can get to the cooking…(sorry, Dad joke)
This is something Faye found after a suggestion from a friend to see it on TikTok. Your gonna need an airfryer (go ahead and get one, what are you waiting for?)

   📌Here’s what you’ll need: Large burrito style tortillas. The big ones are usually around 10 inches wide, and can be found in the international area of your store, or sometimes in the bread aisle.     Some meat (in this case, we’re going Mexican) So, taco meat, or what I found recently is Fajita  Chicken Meat packaged and sold in the deli section of my store. Slices of cheese, Spanish rice, shredded cheese, salsa.

    What we do is have a taco night. Fixings of regular lettuce and chopped onion,  along with refried beans, Spanish rice. Salsa and avocados that we turned into guacamole, and a jar of queso dip we find in the chip aisle.
Also, some cheese slices of you choice (Queso, or shredded cheddar), or even the sliced cheese that you have in the fridge.
That’s the extent of the “Taco Night” meal. We always have leftovers, and we finally found out what to do with them. Thus…the TikTok wrap.

   We’ll lay our flour tortilla on a clean cutting board. From the center of the tortilla to the outside edge, we make a cut. It’s not hard, heck, you can do it with a butter knife. (You’ll see in the pictures that follow.) Once we have our shell laid out and have made the one cut, we are ready to build our wrap. The one cut will be the divider. We will think of it now as 4 sections of the tortilla. I usually start with the cheese of my choice on the first quarter (it will be clear from the photos what I’m talking about.)       Then I put some left over taco meat (no need to heat) on the second quarter. At this point, I put a little salsa over the meat. And on the third quarter, I put a dollop of the Spanish rice we had. Sprinkle some shredded cheese on it if it’s available. Then finally, I spread a spoonful of the Queso Cheese we bought from the chip aisle. (Pics to follow).

    We then fold the first quarter with the sliced cheese, over to the second quarter with the meat. Then we fold that  half, over to the third quarter (the one with the rice and shredded cheese.)      We only have one more move, we then fold the three quarters, on to the final section that has the Queso.
Avoid overloading each quarter, the toppings will fall out if ya do.

   Well, that was long winded. Sorry…but honestly, that’s what we need when we are learning a new skill…instructions.

   After, we have made all the folds (again, pics follow) we are ready to cook. If ya still have some of that spray-on olive oil, assuming you didn’t get frustrated and throw it away earlier, Spray both sides of our TikTok wrap.

    One thing I hope you remembered about our new friend the Air Fryer, we usually have to preheat it for 5 minutes. We’ll set the timer for 13 minutes total. 5 for preheat, 8 for cooking.

  Let the fryer heat up, for 5 min. at 390 degrees, then place your wrap carefully in the fryer. You’ll have 8 minutes of cooking time left. Cook for 4 minutes, then flip it over. Cook 4 more minutes. The timer will shut down the heat, and you may see a “cool” display (that’s your air-fryer admiring your work)   The heat will then be off. Open the lid or slide out the drawer and remove your wrap. I put some sour cream on mine, but it’s not necessary, all the flavor will be inside your wrap. Tasty and easy to eat.
…..Trust me when I tell you, once you’ve done a Mexican wrap, you’ll be trying breakfast wraps, or combinations of any leftovers you may have. Heck, I even made a “Thanksgiving Wrap”.

   Another recipe, that sounds tough, but do it once, you’ll be a pro!
…Experiment with that air-fryer. You’ll soon have recipes for Coconut Shrimp, Buffalo Wings, Pot Roast, and so much more.
We will get there, but right now, we’re looking for Home Runs that are compatible with our skill set. Nothing more discouraging than failing in the kitchen once you have decided to jump in with both feet. Trust me when I tell you, I’m on your side. This whole blog is geared for anybody who may be  afraid to try something new…The things I hope to show you, are meals you can absolutely do, no matter what your skill level is.

   Hopefully, by trying out these time tested recipes, you’ll become curious about other things you could do. Everything we’ve done so far, will help you to feel comfortable with food, and preparing it. I hope to pull back the curtain that has separated  us regular folks, from the ones that appear to be all-knowing.
…Yep, couple of simple tricks, and your gonna dazzle anyone in your immediate circle. So perfect your inner smugness, and be rightfully appalled when those sampling your fare, ask you “Did You Cook This?) You simply revel in moment and say “ Of course I did. It’s just something I’m passionate about.” Yep, that’s a  d!cK move, but, you might find a bit of satisfaction in your new found admiration from your peers.
         🏈  Chicken tenders and Buffalo Wings…coming soon!







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