Stir Fried Chicken

Oh Boy, this is gonna be a good one. It’s easy, AND tasty.

For this meal, we’re going to take some shortcuts…🤪

   🥢Do you like Chinese food? If so, you’re in luck. We’re gonna make a stir-fry with only a few ingredients and a single chicken breast that will feed at least 2 and probably a few more. We’ll also add a few Spring Rolls. Spring rolls are simply a version of the egg rolls you love, but with a thinner wrapping that may cut a few calories. Spray the frozen spring rolls with olive oil, and put them in your air-fryer for 12 min. (Use your oven if you don’t have an air-fryer and follow the directions on the box.) Do this before you start your stir-fry so they’ll be ready when your meal is done.

📌Here’s what you’ll need: One skinless, boneless chicken breast. A can of stir-fry vegetables which may also be labeled as “Chop Suey” vegetables. 😜This is our first shortcut. We could purchase each component of our stir fry fresh and separately…but, the can I’m showing you, has it all. I did buy a can of “baby corn” Each of the last 2 items are found on the International aisle. And hopefully you’ll find a bottle of “Classic Stir Fry Sauce. 🍚The rice pictured below is a a true wonder.  Comes in a 2 pack, and depending on how much rice you want with your meal, 1 container is usually enough for 2 meals. Here’s the awesome part. Grab one of the rice containers, remove the plastic seal, place in the microwave (cover with a paper towel) and heat on high for …..ONE MINUTE! It’s done
We need a bottle of Soy Sauce (use it like you would use salt), some vegetable oil, (a little sesame oil really adds the oriental flavor..use both) , and if your all in, some 5 spice seasoning (optional)…again available in the spice section of your store. Some frozen peas and carrots(optional) for making a fried rice*see tip below, instead of plain rice
That’s it…unless you wanna be fancy and sprinkle some sesame seeds on the finished dish.
Pics of the process shown below, with instructions to follow. Have you gotten excited yet?

   Now, here’s the next step…
We will take our chicken breast and using a sharp knife, cut it in half as shown in the above pics. After slicing the chicken breast through the middle, slice them in sections that are ..more or less equal.
Set them aside, and get your skillet ready.
Turn on the burner, to a medium high flame. Medium high means…not the lowest flame possible, and not the highest setting…something above a medium flame.
🍶Add some vegetable oil, only about a tablespoon, and if you have it, some sesame oil. Once the oil is hot, drop in the sliced up chicken. Let it sit in the skillet for a few minutes, adding some soy sauce, and something you may find (again in the International aisle of your store)…Classic Stir-fry sauce.
We let the chicken cook…won’t take long because of the size, flipping at least once. Once cooked, remove the chicken to a bowl near your cooking area.
Now it’s the veggies turn to shine…🥗


   After removing the chicken, time to add the veggies.
We’ll use the simple method this time. Later, you might want to try it with some fresh ingredients as well as the baby corn and water chestnuts 🌰

  🥫  Open your can of stir fry vegetables and let drain in a colander. Once they have drained a couple of minutes, transfer them to a bowl and open and drain the baby corn.  (The last can I bought, the corn wasn’t so “baby” Ha! So I cut them in pieces)
The skillet should still be hot from cooking the chicken, so add in those drained veggies. Stir them around the pan and splash some soy sauce and the classic stir fry sauce you used earlier onto the vegetables.
🔥Once they are hot, add the chicken back in and swirl together with a few turns with a big spoon or spatula. Put some of your rice in a bowl, scoop on some of our chicken stir-fry, grab your spring rolls,  and the meal will be ready to serve.


     👨🏻‍🍳 Pro tip#1…if you picked up some Yum Yum sauce for an earlier recipe, put some in a small bowl, add a bit of soy sauce and if you have it, I add a little Thai sweet chili sauce. Stir them together and use it as a dip for your spring rolls.
*🧑🏻‍🍳Pro tip#2 if you want to “fancy” up that rice, do this. After cooking the rice in the micro-wave, heat up a separate skillet. Put a tablespoon of vegetable oil, and a bit of sesame oil in and heat up on a medium high temp. In a small bowl, crack an egg. With a whisk (odd looking thing in the drawer with the handle with wires looping out) and whisk the egg. Finely Chop some green onion tops and a little bit of celery. If you have a chance, grab a small bag of peas and carrots located in the freezer section of your store. There are store brands, as well as Birds Eye products. You won’t use the whole bag, save what you doesn’t use for the next time. Add the celery and onion into the hot skillet as well as the thawed peas and carrots. Let them sweat (cook a bit).  When they have cooked a bit, add your rice, splash with some soy sauce, and stir together. Now here’s the thing that’s gonna make this pop. 🥚Pour some of your beaten egg into the hot cooking rice. A thin stream of egg works best. Use as much or as little as you like, and continuously stir. You’ll see the egg separate into small bits and soon you’ll have a pretty good imitation of fried rice. It’s not hard, and can be done early and covered while you cook your stir-fry.

Hope you enjoyed this Asian flavored dish!

                     NOW WE’RE  COOKIN’!





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