Quick and Tasty Fish Sandwich…

   Thought we’d do another air fry recipe. Very much like the chicken tenders we cooked before, but this time we’re doing a tasty fish sandwich. The cool part is, we’ll make our own tartar sauce.

   This is what I use, but any of the others available at your store will work, just depends on what you like. These things are no longer like the fish sticks you may have experienced as a kid. They are actual fillets, from actual fish!

   We’ll coat the frozen fillets with a little olive oil spray as we did the the chicken tenders. The cooking time is reduced to around 4 minutes per side. Preheat your fryer according to the instructions and put the fish in for 4 min. turn and cook another 4 min. They’ll be ready.


Now for the homemade tartar sauce.

📌What you’ll need: Mayo, capers, onion, lemon.

    🥣Start with some Helman’s Light Mayonnaise. You can use regular, but we’re still trying to eat healthier.
In a small bowl put a couple of heaping spoonfuls of mayo.  Now here’s the secret, add some capers. I know, you don’t have any capers, but you can find them in the pickle section of your store. Small skinny glass bottle. Brand is not important, they all taste the same, a little  like green olives. Put about a teaspoon or more, if you really like them on a cutting board and chop those suckers up.

🥄 Here’s a trick for getting those little guys out of that skinny bottle. Use a teaspoon…I know, but not how you think. Turn the spoon upside down, and use the handle portion of the spoon, to dip them out. Actual teaspoons are the long skinny ones you stir your ice tea with….Not an actual teaspoon…you’re welcome.   Now cut a thin slice of onion, doesn’t take much. Chop that up finely as well. Combine the capers and onion with the mayo. Pour just a little of the caper juice from the skinny jar and a squeeze of lemon. Stir that stuff up, and you got some really good tartar sauce.     Ain’t that some “stuff” Ha!

🥯Toast your bun with a thin spread of margarine, then assemble your sandwich. There’s one thing I think we all know, and that’s how to make a sandwich. I spread both sides with tartar, put the fillet on. Some folks add a dill pickle slice, some leave it off, and finish with some crispy lettuce. There ya go!

French Fries…

   🍟 Here’s the deal with French fries. The air fryer cooks frozen fries in about 12 min. Not faster than frying in oil,  but a much healthier option. No need to turn the fries. They will be ready to eat when your sandwich is done if ya timed it right. I would also suggest, if you want to maintain this healthier way of cooking, pick up some sugar free ketchup. Heinz, as well as other brands, now sell it. It taste like the ketchup you know and love, without the sugar.
You’d be surprised at how much added sugar is in the things you buy. Everything from pizza to salad dressings have added sugar. It’s easy to be fooled by labels that say “Fat Free”, you can bet they added sugar to boost the flavor.
🔎I have gotten into the habit of reading the ingredients listed on the label. Usually, it is broken down into Total Carbohydrates, (which is important) and number of Total Sugars, (including Added Sugars)

   Try to look for things where those two numbers are low. It’s sounds like a pain in the butt, but it becomes second nature after a while. Pretty soon, you can look at a label (or at least the part that’s important,) and know whether it’s full of sugar or has tons of carbs.

    End of lecture on boring stuff, ha! (Sorry, somebody had to do it)


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