Let’s Grill A Steak!….

We are ready to move on to steaks!

📌What you’ll need: Your choice of steak, ribeye is a great choice, has lots marbling(fat) that makes it juicy, but T-bones and New York Strips are equally as good. A favorite seasoning I use Montreal steak seasoning, but salt, pepper and garlic powder also taste great. It wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and start a couple of baked potatoes in the microwave. Get a fork and poke some holes in the skin, cover with a paper towel on a microwave safe plate and cook on high for around 10 min. They stay hot for a while so you can fill them with green onion, bacon bits, (available near the salad dressing area of your store) and sour cream(substitute fat free Greek yogurt to cut a few calories, you won’t notice the difference.) These are some shots of a recent prep we did with a Standing Rib Roast, where we steal a couple of steaks.

What You’ll Need For A Steak and Bake…


   🥩The timing for a steak, is much like the timing for a burger. The difference is, while burgers are pretty uniform in size and cooking time, steaks are a little more involved. You should estimate cooking time, by the thickness of the steak and sadly how much marbling (Fat) is present.
…A one inch thick steak, takes around 8 to 10 min. You rotate the steak as we did with the burger. This produces the diamond marks on a steak as you might see in a restaurant. But, more importantly, it ensures that both sides are done equally. The trick with steak is, don’t over-cook.   As the steaks get thicker (depends on the cut you buy) we increase the grilling time. A steak that’s over 1 inch thick, may take a couple of min. longer, and a steak that is 1 1/2 thick, will take the most time, probably around 13-15 min.
…Just divide the cooking time into 4 parts. (Ex. A 12 min. steak will be four 3 min. segments.) You will soon be able to estimate cooking time after you’ve done it a few times.


Be sure to season your steak with your favorite seasoning, I’ve found the stuff above to be excellent; always salt and pepper any meat you’re going to grill, but do yourself a favor, and add some ground fennel to the seasoning… you will be a culinary hero.

*There is a trick I learned years ago from the head chef at a steakhouse I worked at while in school. His method for determining the temp of a steak, went as follows. If you place your thumb, next to your pointer finger, applying no pressure, the mound near the base of the thumb and the pointer finger will be soft. That is the consistency of a “rare” steak. Apply a little pressure with the thumb toward the pointer finger, you will get what a medium steak feels like to the touch. Now I’m talking about touching your cooking steak momentarily, and seeing what resistance you get. If you apply further pressure with the thumb, the mound at the base of the two digits will feel firm and not give very much, this says, “I’m well done!” if your steak feels this way.
🔥Obviously, you don’t keep your fingers on the steak for any length of time….if ya do, you’ll get burned. Ouch!*
…..These simple instructions, where we use timers to guide us, will produce the kind of food you’ll be proud to share.
🥩Just did the Standing Rib Roast deal tonight. Trimmed a steak from the roast that we will cook later. The pics above are ones I added tonight. Just wanted to show how to get probably 6 meals from a $35.00 piece of meat. It seems like a lot, but divide it by the number meals you get, I think we come out pretty good.
Hope you enjoy this additional instruction. You can do it..I am confidant. Keep on cookin’ it’s kinda fun!

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