Moving On, Let’s Grill Some Stuff…

  I’m guessing, you either have, or have access to a propane grill similar to this.

First, let’s do a burger.

📌You’ll need these items: ground beef , buns, favorite condiment (mustard, mayo, ketchup), cheese of your choice, and as you’ll see, any other item you might want to dress that burger with, (pickles,onion, mushrooms, lettuce, even bacon!) ⏲A small kitchen timer will make the grilling by time method easier. But ya can use your watch or phone….I just depend on my timers’ handy ding feature to remind me. I get sidetracked without it.

       🍔I buy lean beef. Some ground beef is labeled “lean” at 80/20, (that’s 80% lean meat, 20% fat) it is not lean. 93/7 is preferred, but you may only have 90/10. Just look for the more lean option. We are trying to eat healthy. (Or, just say, “to heck with it, I want a “fat burger”) it’s totally up to you.   Now for the cooking.

     The cooking instructions are after these pics of the process start to finish.

 ⚖️A kitchen scale is a good way to portion control. A patty should be within 1/4 to 1/3 lb. Once you have formed your patties, simply add salt and pepper to taste. I usually fire up the grill right before I begin to make the patties.
Let the grill heat up to temp (using a medium setting, about a half turn of the dial) for about 4 to 5 min.
…Once the grill is hot, place the burgers on the grill, Set a timer for 8 minutes. At 2 min. rotate the burger 1/4 turn with a metal spatula. In 2 more min. Flip the burger. After another 2 min. rotate the burger again 1/4 turn. If you want a cheeseburger, add cheese, do that after the 3rd movement of the burger. The cheese will melt in the last 2 min. and the burgers can come off the grill. You might want to hold the burgers in a small pan and cover with foil while your fries are getting ready. Most meats continue to cook a bit more once removed from the grill. (Remind me to tell you about cooking fries). Or simply jump ahead, ha!

  *If I’m going to add something to the burger while cooking, I usually start that right before cooking the burgers….. Of course, you can just put together a great regular burger or cheeseburger by leaving off the mushrooms and sweated onions, and add tomato, onion, and lettuce. Any way you like it, works for me!

   🍄We sautéed some mushrooms (simply put some sliced mushrooms in a skillet over a medium heat, nothing fancy about it) with a little white wine and butter.
We put the mushrooms on the burger while it was on the grill, then top with your favorite cheese. We used Swiss…the one with the holes.

   Then sweated (again, simply placed in a skillet) some thin sliced onions, with a little mixture of Dijon mustard and water, one teaspoon of each, and topped the finished burger with them after bringing them in.

That’s it, you’ve made yourself an awesome burger!🍔


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