My Steak Oscar

Since Oscar season is here…we are gonna cook…Sounds odd, but guess that’s how I roll.

   We are going to make, Steak Oscar. The name did not come from some Hollywood mogul. It came from a small restaurant in LA. An even earlier version using veal, was served as far back as 1897 when the dish was served to a Swedish nobleman.
🥩The first thing we need to do, is buy some meat.
There are several options, and I can tell you what the original cut of meat was, and which one I use. The original dish was made with fillet mignon.
There are several cuts, that can work in this menu.
🥩They are… Rib-eye, T-bone, New York Strip,  Fillet Mignon, and Porterhouse.
Each steak has it’s own texture, tenderness, and the ability to absorb flavors.
Fillet Mignon, may be the most tender of all beef on the market, and the most expensive.Yep, that stuff is great! But, I’m trying to make an “affordable” dish.
📌What you’ll need: Your favorite cut of beef. A package of Knorr’s Bearnaise sauce, 1/2 cup of butter or margarine and a cup of milk for the sauce. Instructions are on the pkg. A seafood to top the steak with. (The original topping was lump crab meat.) What I decided to use on this meal was grilled shrimp🦐🦐🦐 and sliced mushrooms(optional)
We also grilled some asparagus while we grilled or steak and shrimp. You can decide how far you want to go with the toppings.
🥔You might want to go a different way. A baked potato in the microwave for ten minutes. Or have some pre-cooked scalloped potatoes available usually in the refrigerated lunch meat area. Bob Evans makes several pre-cooked potato dishes as well as other brands like Main St. They generally cook for around 4 min. Really handy for those getting started with cooking. (Really, we’re reheating, but I won’t tell.) 😉 and a salad. 🍅🥬🥒🥗

    Let’s get cookin’…

   You already know how to grill a steak. If you haven’t read it, check out my post  about grilling a steak. We also have grilled shrimp before. (It’s in the grilling seafood post.)
So now we can move on to asparagus, mushrooms(if you’ve decided to us them), and the Bearnaise sauce. For the asparagus we will spray them with olive oil or brush some on. Either way works fine. We’ll use the rack we have purchased for seafood. Season them with some salt and pepper if you like it. Spread them out on the grilling pan and put them on when your ready to grill the shrimp, they take about the same time to cook, around  5 min. I would go ahead and grill my steak, and cover it in a metal pan using tinfoil. Then put it in your oven to hold till the asparagus, mushroom and shrimp are done. The
Bearnaise sauce only takes a few minutes and can be done at any time. Follow the instructions on the package.

I’ve included some shots of the way to peel a garlic clove. I had mentioned it in an earlier post, but don’t think I included pictures. As well as the pan with the asparagus, and the sautéed mushrooms.
When everything is cooked, we just need to assemble our Steak Oscar and add our sides. The way I prepare my steak before adding toppings is, I remove the bone if there is one on your cut of meat. Then, with a sharp knife or ideally, an electric knife, I cut the steak into 1/4 inch thick strips. Once I do that, it is much easier to get a good bite of steak and toppings.


You don’t have to cut the steak like this, you can keep it whole and cut as you go. Totally up to you, it’s gonna taste exactly the same…and that is GOOD!
🍽 Plate your steak, pile on some grilled shrimp, and mushrooms (optional), and some folks add a few stalks of asparagus, (I put them on the side) then spoon on the Bearnaise Sauce. Scoop on your other sides of your choice and grab your salad and get to eating!

🧑🏻‍Tip #1… This isn’t a pro tip, this is a practical tip on cooking a baked potato. In the steakhouses in the good ol’ days, we wrapped sheet pans full of baking potatoes moistened and seasoned with a coarse salt in tin foil. Put them in a hot oven for an hour. Can’t tell you how many potatoes I’ve personally wrapped. Ha!     So when the microwave came along, I was all in for baking potatoes. Some things don’t do well in a microwave, meat…I’m looking at you👀  But for baking a potato, great! I pierce the skin of the potato several times with a fork. This keeps them from exploding. Brush on a little olive oil, and sprinkle with salt. Cover with a microwave dome, or a paper towel, on a microwave safe plate, and cook on high for ten minutes. If your microwave doesn’t rotate, turn the potato halfway thru. Open it up when done, add in your favorite toppings, cheese, bacon bits, butter (or margarine) sour cream (or 0% fat free plain Greek yogurt) and some chopped up green onion tops if you have them.  That’s it…your ready to go.🍷

👨🏻‍🍳Tip #2…The seafood topping is traditionally lump crab meat. You can use claw meat, (stay away from the canned stuff, (not good) or you could steam a 5oz. lobster tail and chop the meat up when finished as a substitute. I chose shrimp for this example, because it is easy for us to cook and can be found already peeled and deveined. We’re just getting our feet wet with this cooking deal, so we want to keep it painless.😎

Hate to admit it, but I forget to take a pic of the finished meal. I do have one more chance. Faye is taking her leftover meal to work tomorrow, she said she will take a shot once it’s heated. So fingers crossed.🤞

Yea! Faye did take a pic for us of her lunch, this was the leftovers, but it’s still delicious. Steak, Shrimp, Asparagus, Mushrooms, Scalloped Potatoes, topped with Bearnaise Sauce.

We made this meal again. Here’s the pic.











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  1. You gotta know how respectful I am when you hear I have been pescatarian for more than 50 years now – and I still skimmed through it all! And did like the baked potato section!

    1. Hi Nick, I do respect your choice of what you put in your body. There are some seafood recipes, but I believe after 50 years of being pescatarian, you probably have a handle on that. Ha! Take care, G

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