Now, On To Chicken…

This instruction is for boneless, skinless chicken breast.
📌What you’ll need: chicken breast, Italian dressing, margarine, thin slices of sweet onion, lemon juice and again, your favorite seasoning, and barbecue sauce if you’d like to finish it with that flavor.

    Every home chef has probably attempted to grill chicken once or twice. Most fail because they baste with a tomato  based Bar-B-Que sauce long before they have finished cooking.  The examples we have seen before, call for timed cooking as a guideline, but, chicken is a little more difficult. What simplifies (makes it more forgiving) is the process of basting.

     Before grilling, season the chicken, then do this. Prepare a small amount of Italian Dressing(1/4 cup), and about 2 tablespoons of margarine or butter, a squeeze of lemon  and a bit of sliced onions, and heat them together in a small saucepan on a burner.  Cook for several minutes, until onions look “wilted”. Baste the chicken with this mixture before putting on the grill.
…Always put the smooth side of the breast down first.
Once a side has cooked (probably after rotating every 2 min. for a total of 4 to 5 minutes per side. When the chicken has been turned over, I put the sweated or wilted onions from the marinade over the chicken (optional), and finish the last 2 minutes of cooking.
…At the point you have a couple of minutes of cooking left, you can baste with your favorite Bar-B-Que sauce.      Lower the heat in your grill after basting, to let the sauce caramelize (just means, set up, or adhere to the chicken.)   Times are not exact, (depends on the thickness of the breast) you may need to leave them a few extra minutes.
*(One trick, after applying the sauce, turn off one side of grill and move the chicken over there with tongs. It should be enough heat to caramelize it no worries.)
Remove the cooked chicken to a holding pan. Any pan with sides will do, and cover with tin foil while all the other dishes finish.
These are a few of the tricks we will uncover while teaching Dads to cook.
…Well, that takes care of some popular grilling questions I’ve been asked about. It’s not hard, just don’t fire your grill up to what I refer to as the “weld” setting. High heat and early basting with Bar-B-Que sauce, are the main causes of failure when you grill. (Especially when we grill chicken).

   I will keep posting tips for you guys on my website, but husbands, boyfriends, and Dads, and anyone who want’s to cook, but, are afraid… you will soon have no excuse to not cook. If you are compelled to share your new found culinary skills with your significant other, that’s on you. Ha!  I can show you the way! Unless you’re chicken….Ha!
Next tips will involve an electric smoker…the easiest of all forms of cooking, that offers the most flavor allowed by law. Hang in there, talk to ya soon, G.North


     On to my favorite, most forgiving way of cooking!    The Smoker!

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