Crockpot Bread…

   This is another easy one to do. Practically fool proof.

You’ll end up with a hearty white bread, similar to an Italian loaf…but round.

    What you’ll need:📌

    3 1/2 cups of BREAD Flour🍞
1/2 tsp. Instant Yeast (look for it in the baking section of    your store.
1 1/2 cups warm water🚰
2 tsp. Fine salt.🧂 (You can use table salt or sea salt and grind it down with the back of a spoon on a hard surface)
Small amount of extra flour (2 tbls.) to coat your hands and surface of area you turn the dough out on (the area you’ll use after bread rises, before putting in crock pot.
Parchment paper. (Find it near the wax paper section of your store)

   That’s it for ingredients:

     Mix the Flour, salt in a bowl. Stir those up. Then mix quick yeast into warm (baby bath temp works well) water.  Mix in liquid and other ingredients with your hands or a big spoon, only until the ingredients are combined. (Mix well, make sure all ingredients get some moisture).

     In a separate bowl, coat with a small amount of olive oil and put your mixed dough in. Cover with Saran Wrap across the top of the bowl (dough will rise). Set the bowl on a thick towel (I don’t know why…vibration?) Let the dough sit for at least 12 hrs overnight.
Now here’s the easy, fun part…

Line the crock pot with the parchment paper (makes it easy to remove)

     Turn the dough out on a flat surface with a little flour. It may be sticky, but put some flour on your hands and fold it over six or seven times and form it into a ball.
Set the crock pot to high, put the dough in, and cook for 2 hours.⏲ It won’t be brown on the top and that’s the way this bread is. I rotate using the excess parchment paper hanging above the lid 1/3 turn every 40 min. Not necessary, but for me , my crock pot had a hot spot and the bread browned more in that area. So I rotate when I remember that step, ha!

   Let it cool on a rack if you have it, and pretty soon it will  be ready to slice.  🍞🧈🥪

  We’ve made French toast, crouton’s, cheese toast🧀, garlic bread🧄 and they all were mighty tasty. Don’t blame me if your belts get a little tight. I’m just the messenger.