My Take On Ukraine…

Russian Invasion…

Just watched Rachel Maddow. I know, lots of folks will rebel at the mention of her name. Yep, she’s different. She’s gay, she’s outspoken, and she’s wealthy. I follow her, simply because she speaks truth. When I see the personalities on Faux News, bend the truth, cherry-pick facts, and side with a Dictator who is currently invading a democratic (small d) country, in an imaginary response to a Neo-Nazi threat. We really need to examine this claim.
   Since the Second World War, where democracy triumphed over fascism….there have been outliers. Even in America. Yep, there are Neo-Nazi’s in America. There are also Neo-Nazi’s in many other countries. The estimated number who subscribe to the Neo-Nazi dictum in Ukraine, is about 1000 folks. We have more Neo-Nazis in America, than there are in Ukraine.
The excuse Vladimir Putin has offered as justification for this invasion, is, to rid the country of Nazis. That’s rich.
The country of Ukraine has a Jewish President!. Let that sink in….
Russia has offered the eradication of civilians in Ukraine, as a necessary evil, to free the country of the grasp of Nazis. A Jewish President has not only dismissed this claim, he has brought the Russian attacking forces, to their knees.
The world apparently trembles at the thought of Putin’s response….nuclear war.
Well, hell! So we don’t respond? We watch civilians murdered, raped and disposed of, because one country holds all the cards. Nope. As far as I’m concerned. Should the atrocities of the most recent Russian genocide, lead to a nuclear war…then hells bells…I don’t want to live in a world that cowers in fear at that possibility.
Personally…and I can only speak for myself, a world that trembles in fear of the unknown, is not something I want to be a part of.
When you look at how the Ukrainians reacted to the invasion, you should be in awe.
When they could, they sent their wives and children to safety. The rest stayed to fight.
There was never a  guarantee that their family would be able to escape, but that was their only option.
If this conflict should end in the withdrawal of Russian troops (best case scenario) the citizens of Ukraine, will return to ruins. Infrastructure decimated, housing decimated, jobs, non-existent. Yep, even a win….will be a horrible outcome.
My opinion, it is only my own…I have a beautiful wife and a talented son, but none of us want to live in a world where we cower to the threat of a dictator.
I do not have an answer. I wish I did. What I do know is this. The massacre of Ukrainians civilians is a war crime…the bombing of hospitals…is a war crime, the continued assault on things like women on bicycles…shown on video…that showed a tank firing on  such a women, is horrible. How much atrocity do we need to witness before we are all in? This cannot continue.
The choice we apparently face, is this…do we stand shaking in our boots, unwilling to provide the necessary arms to Ukraine and hide behind the mantle of not wanting to escalate the conflict, or, do we simply ‘KICK THEIR ASS!’
They are considered a Super-power….guess what, SO ARE WE!
I’m willing to suffer the consequences in a fight for Democracy. I will restate something I’ve pointed out many times. The vision burned in my brain witnessed over the last 5 years, is this. A Trump supporter holding a sign saying “I’d rather be a Russian, than a Democrat.” Yep, seen it hundreds of times. My answer then, and now, is “move your ass right on over there”. Get back to me in a year….ignorant a$$holes.
If you didn’t know my opinion before…you know it now.


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