Why does Steve Bannon always appear so happy?…

For a guy who wears four shirts and a jacket, and always looks like his last bath has been a while. What’s running through that unwashed individuals’ mind?

  By the skin of his teeth, he avoided jail, with a Presidential pardon for his past crimes. One of the last things ol’ Donald did for the disgraced advisor to his administration. Hell, he couldn’t get along with the Trump clan while he held a position in the administration. Steven Miller, (a front runner for the worst human on Earth) survived longer than Steve Bannon.

  But yet, he sits behind a microphone every day spewing misinformation like an untalented rapper might chant as he walks through the park waiting for the bus, seemingly alone.

  It’s getting to a reckoning for ol’ Steve. He has disregarded subpoenas by Congress, and failed to appear. Apparently he didn’t get the memo that the regime has changed. Bill Barr (deputy dog’s sidekick) it no longer there to twist the law to unimaginable contortions that question the laws of physics. Nope, no more Barr. Yep, and no more Trump. So why is he so happy. He parlayed his right wing agenda into a position in a corrupt right leaning administration, that he couldn’t hold on to for the duration. As mentioned before, he did wrangle a pardon, so…there’s that. But I think that was just a flaccid muscle flex by DJT , to thumb his nose at all who did not buy into his BS. A last gasp at power.

  Steve is eventually headed to jail. The length of his jail time will be totally dependent on who prosecutes him (what branch of the DOJ) or what State Attorney generals.

  I revert to my original question, why does he look so happy?

   I believe he is of the mind, that his past foibles are behind him.

   He was caught using funds from a fake pac, that he (and others) set up to finance the wall with donations. Yep, he plea was, “We did not achieve our goal for a wall on the southern border due to roadblocks by Democrats that  blocked us patriots at every turn. Like minded citizens donated their money to the pac, so the work begun by Donald Trump would reach it’s rightful conclusion. An impenetrable wall, guarding  our citizens from the  angry hoard of immigrants, and more importantly…terrorist. Yep, that thing Mexico was going to pay for.

  Steve and his cohorts, solicited donations which they promptly spent on Yachts and every other imaginable perk for themselves, leaving only the crumbs of the proceeds to actually be spent funding for the Wall. (Still no wall)

  He’s got that to account for, and hasn’t been tried yet. He, as stated before, has failed to appear before Congress, and he will eventually either be charged with contempt or be forced to sit an lie before Congress, which will be another avenue for his prosecution for perjury.

  Why is this dude so happy. Might be for the same reason he wears 4 shirts. He just doesn’t know any better. And apparently the stench is only a minor issue, and he feels he can live with a little funk as long as he can podcast his particular brand of poisonous vitriol.

   Waiting to see how long that gaseous emission will last. My best guess it that they will be gone…like a f@rt in the wind before too long. We can only hold our collective noses and hope.