I don’t know if the followers of Fox’s bread winner are aware, that this cat is special.
   This man, has lived a charmed life. He was born into money. We aren’t talking a little money, we are talking…huge money, Swanson Food Corporation money. Born with a silver spoon wedged into every orifice of his body, not just in his mouth. A privileged upbringing, that in no way resembles the life that we regular folks recognize.
I would ask supporters of Carlson, and Trump (both millionaires by the age of 8) to examine their reality. Never having had to scrounge for a dollar, have never known the anxiety of a rent payment due, or an electric bill that they have to decide whether to pay, or feed their children. Nope, that circumstance is not a thing in their world.
Who better to preach to the middle class, than a couple of trust fund babies? Am I right.

     But all that being said, in my mind, there is a much bigger question at here.    There is a huge, fundamental difference in the ideology of government. We…our government system, is democratic. That, (for Trump supporters that may conclude we are cheerleading for Democrats), simply means elected officials, are elected to represent us in Congress and as far down as city elections, by a majority of the vote.
Majority rule is democracy in its’ simplest form.
To explain to the likes of Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump, the dude that gets the most votes in an election wins.
After losing around 60 court cases intended to prove voter fraud….he lost them all.
Judges, that were appointed by Donald Trump, were among those who denied the non-sensical opinion, that the election was stolen. The Supreme Court with a conservative majority, (several he placed) turned down his attempt to hear his fraudulent voter claim.
Knuckle draggers and mouth breathers that follow Trump, may be confounded by those decisions. The answer is simply this. We are a country of laws. That’s what make a democracy work. We have written rules (Laws), that’s what we must adhere to. Even the most conservative judges understand, without the rule of law, we might as well hang up this idea of democracy. Who wants to be on record as an opponent of democracy. That’s the small D we are hearing so much about. The small “d” is the ideology, the large “D” is in reference to the Democratic Party. There is a difference.
So, if you’re confused about what it means to be a democracy, (as Donald Trump apparently is)…know this. If we have decided that one party, or one man should decide our fate as a nation, then you don’t understand Democracy….and that’s with a capital D. What you are supporting is Autocracy.
Yep, to understand Donald Trump’s ambition, is to understand his adherence to dictators and strongmen.
He envies the dictatorial leaders and murderous heads of countries who rule autocratically.
He is most likely the first American President, who would prefer this country be Autocratic.
For those who only watch Fox, OAN, or Newsmax, you are being lied to.

  To actually know what it would mean to you individually, requires that you look at the lives of those who live in Autocracies. When the International Space Station orbits over countries like N. Korea, they cannot see any lights. (Well, there may be a few lights in Pyongyang). What does that tell you.

  That’s the only country on Earth, that displays no lights at night, they are dark.

   They are dark because, N Korea has diverted their entire budget to the production of Nuclear Weapons intended on reaching the US.

   This is what happens in Autocracies. The lust for power supersedes…EVERYTHING.

   SO HERE WE ARE AGAIN, Idiots who have become the deciders

of right and wrong, have decided to double down on their influence on the easily persuaded.

    I would ask, try to think what Autocratic Rule (that means…what one man will decide your future) will mean to you.

   Even the most fervent supporters, must not want to be told what to do…on a daily basis, by one man. To support these autocratic tendencies will limit your freedom in a way you cannot imagine.

   Time to decide, to be led, or to break away from those who do not see the future as a functional democracy.

Yep, it’s that simple. You decide.

    To circle back to the original premise, the cheerleaders and former Presidents, who praise dictators as “savvy, or brilliant, or smart, are only wishing they had that power. Imagine that.     The trust fund babies wish they could control the world.

    If anybody disagrees with these comments, I can only surmise, you must have decided, that people, who would never sit at your table, never visit your home…have your best interest at heart.

    Dang, if that’s the belief of a solid 33%….we are screwed, and you are screwed, even as followers. Keep those blinders intact, your gonna need them to shield yourself from the atrocities an overweight narcissist that has no connection to the majority. Tucker Carlson has found a niche. Uneducated folks, college dropouts, high school dropouts, and those who simply believe…white makes right. To attaché the moniker of “Patriotism” as an excuse for these events (most notably Jan. 6th) that’s gonna be a trigger for followers. A Friggin’ despicable attitude from a personality that wields such control, no matter how misguided. No shame, and apparently no regrets.

  I have voiced this opinion for years. No one is above the law, and those who strive to undo a democracy,  that has been a beacon of hope for the entire planet, must be punished.

  If I should wake up one morning, and see on my TV, that those who intended on destroying this fragile democracy, have been imprisoned. I will simply smile, and say, Justice may move slowly, but it is Justice. G.North.