Hate to fog up my otherwise wonderful day, but….

   It’s far past the time, for the west to react to the invasion of Ukraine. Aid and sanctions are commendable, but, innocent civilians are dying needlessly.

   It’s time to supply real military deterrents! The red line we seem to continuously draw in these situations, and then don’t follow thru, is not a line that Russia fears.  Obviously, the red line threats, aren’t working.

   Time to release those jets…fight fire with fire.

   If the mass execution of civilians, in an otherwise peaceful country, does not prompt the entire world to retaliate ….what else do you need to see?

   Supply the Stingers, Patriot defense systems, and the other arms we recently pledged….but, the air space above Ukraine should have as many detractors to the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians, as the invading force has to bomb schools, hospitals, and even civilians who stand in line at an ATM. Then consider, that Russia has blocked the corridors that Ukranians should expect to be an avenue for the escape from WAR! WTF!

   To execute civilians who are leaving everything they have ever known….should evaporate any fictitious RED LINE. A country that has adopted the ideas of Democracy…should be protected at all cost.

   It appears that the big hammer Putin is holding over the entire planet, is the threat of nuclear war. Anyone who has been around since the early 60’s knows….nuclear war is a horrible outcome for everyone on the planet. To fear the threat,  that Ruusia  will use nukes, means certain death, for not only those in the super-powers, but the entire planet.

   My best guess is, and it’s just an evaluation of the state of human nature, even Putin would not do this. It would mean his demise, as well as the destruction of everything this planet offers.

   A man so intent on being the leader of a powerful nation, a world leader, and the savior of a once powerful union, fears his own death, and because of that, he will never  pull the trigger.

  There is a red line, and they have not only breached it, but they have caused MILLIONS of people, unimaginable hardship and loss.

   There has to be a time, that we decide to suffer the consequences of defending fledgeling Democracies, and in the most pure form, coming to the aid of civilian women and children that are being indiscriminately assassinated by the invading force.

   No mercy, no quarter, even for children.   


   Sanctions are a “sweet” sentiment…one that apparently is not slowing the murderous aggression by Russia.

   They understand a show of force, and nothing LESS!

  The Time To Act…Is Now…

   Mothers search their former dwellings for any  mementos of the life they have lost.