The Standard Reply From The Right…

   Lindsey Graham, as usual, held to the party line. “I don’t think any ONE law would have prevented the tragedy in Uvalde.” Yep, the standard talking point from the right. He’s right, no ONE law would have prevented the tragedy, but sweeping changes in gun regulations, including background checks, ammo clip limits, and mandatory locks on assault type rifles stored in homes, and many other regulations and yes a few new laws, would greatly decrease the number of mass shootings. We will never realistically (nor should we strive to) remove all guns from citizens, but some regulation is surely warranted. The number of mass shootings in this year alone is at 248 including 27 school shootings.

   The standard cop-out that no law will prevent shootings like this, does not mean that no regulation is possible. We need something done….and we need it now.

   Be sure when you vote in upcoming elections, that the people you have decided to support, also support the actions we need to end the senseless slaughter of innocents.