The Pimple Popping President…

Apparently, there was a malady lying slightly under the skin of our nation. It didn’t start in 2015, It apparently has been lurking slightly out of our consciousness for many years. I guess most of us thought we had outgrown that stage, but we were wrong.

   Most of us have slowly put behind us the tragedies this country has both instigated, regretted, and hoped would be something that lived only in our past, just slightly under our collective skin.

   But about 10 or 12 years ago maybe even earlier than that, there was the beginning of an inflammation. It was slowly festering just slightly becoming annoying to most of us.

   We started hearing the likes of Sara Palin begin to ferment the infection. Of course, she was only the latest chocolate bar that manifested into some visible lesion on the face of the citizens. Yep, we got up in the morning and looked in the mirror to see if it had progressed. Then we thought we found and ointment. A new President with a decidedly different approach to our issues. He spoke in healing terms, he attempted to bridge gaps and differences between folks. He was empathetic. He seemed to most, to be the salve that would finally rid us of this danger lurking only slightly out of sight. A lot of us thought that, but a lot more were scared shitless. This new salve might just work! Then there would be no avenue to expand their particular brand of poison.

   So, slowly, as they came together in larger numbers, it began to fester.

   The Tea Party, Ha! We laughed at the disturbance that was becoming more viscous with every passing day. We have the balm to cure this, togetherness and unity will surely prevail.

   But, as it turns out, that salve was, to this group, a hot sweaty room without ventilation encouraging only more vitriol. This only strengthened they desire to infect and become more visible.

  Yep, so many of us tried to put the atrocities of the past behind us. But not everyone.

   So slowly this malignant group began to become even more visible. They still hide in the backwoods, they had their dens of dissidents inclined more and more adhere to a period when division was the norm. They believed that, even if the rest of the country had moved on, well, as much as we could with the history we lived with.

  {It should be clear at this point, that I am speaking of the White Suprematist, Neo-Nazis, the Klan, and the militias sprouting up all around the country. The fact that the people of this country, bought human beings, worked them without compensation, sold them, separating the small family units which served as their only consolation, they took that too. Should be appalling to everyone. Even when lawful immigrants come to our country, these guys start to shiver at the notion. Even now, they are perplexed that these folks feel exploited and persecuted simply because they were brought here to build a country, and then denied any benefit from their work.}

   So with those lurking undercurrents of a sickness of mind, they were looking to change this country back to an earlier time, and God knows, when the salve we championed won…their biggest nightmare had come true. hint: (Black President)

  They flailed aimlessly in no particular direction except with a common goal of reaching the surface and becoming a force that needed to be dealt with, they wanted a particular mound of festering hate to emerge.

  Then it began to happen for them. In 2015 and by lesser known acts much earlier.  Apparently there was a powerful new ally to help boost their particular brand of poison.

  As the newer more powerful form of poison descended the escalator, he began his campaign on a singular note of division. Yep, we heard that bile on day one, and we thought…this infectious strain surely cannot withstand the goodness and strength of the majority of the people. But he did.

  With a beginning like that, it was a short crawl under the epidermis of our collective soul, to unite with the lesser infections and grow stronger.

  And, as all infection do without a corresponding treatment, he began to collect all the minor sources of inflammation into a mound of hate. Hate for the cure, and hate for the the very idea of a harmonious existence. The wanted to show themselves, and now, they finally could.

  So it festered for four years, and finally, on January 6th, this infectious boil burst through the skin. When it did, we saw with our own eyes, not needing a mirror, the emersion of the viscous fluid that had lurked so close under the skin.

  We saw it ooze out, becoming more bold with each squeeze. Some called it Hawley, some called it a Cruz, or a Gaetz. Others said Ron Johnson was recognizable, some for called it the Mitch glitch. The  more colorful fluid was referred to as M.Taylor-Green, and one of the most irritating drips, was called L. Boebert , but most people just referred to it as PUSS.

   Yep, the Pimple Popping President, had done his work. He brought it to a head, and squeezed that little bugger till it had no choice, but to explode. It did, and it was disgusting. It spread throughout the party just like the recent pandemic, quickly and deadly.

  There were other minor irritants all along the way. And other infectious sights began to show up all over the face of the country. Florida, Mississippi, and the biggest pimple of all Texas, among others. Groups nourished by the steady stream of division, and the hope that they could turn back time and become as prevalent as the menagerie resting on a teenage boy’s face.

  The Pimple Popping President achieved his goal. Encouraged infections to gather, strengthen, and when the time was right, he gave it one mighty squeeze, to present itself in all it’s hideous glory to saturate the country in the putrid scum of division, cruelty, and a healthy dose of racism.

   We currently have a new salve, tempered by the injustice of the previous four years. The hatred, the lack of empathy, and the total disregard for the entire body of citizens he was sworn to protect. This potion may work. We can’t expect “Proactive “ results immediately, but we can certainly give it chance.

   Let’s just hope, we can reclaim our collective morals, our place as the guiding light of Democracy that had served so many for centuries, and our standings with other world leaders and allies. Our popped pimple has currently left a stain of bob-wire fences encircling our Nation’s Capital. We have to wipe away that venom, and heal that scar.    There’s a lot of work to be done, don’t give up, we will heal with hopefully only minor scarring in the grand scheme of things, but it will be a scar. We can get past it, and we will do this.