My Visit on The Wall…

For one of the few times, I recently went on the “Wall” on Facebook, while I don’t know all the ins and outs of what’s posted there. I did see a trend. While we apparently post on our individual page, some of it is posted on “the wall”.

    So I scrolled thru. Interestingly, while nearly everyone in my group of friends, are Never tRumpers, (and with good reason) I continuously saw replys from a tRump supporter. His reactions followed the Fox News, Qanon, Rush Limbaugh , right wing pundits school of thought. It seems impossible to me, that after everything we’ve seen, anyone could still support this dictator wanna be. They must be blind, and surely deaf, or just extremely gullible individuals. Trust me, that is no way a slight to the blind or the deaf. It is more a slight to individuals who have those capacities, and still refuse to believe their own eyes and ears.

   In particular, I am  speaking to Vince B. and a couple of others.  You know who you are, and you should be embarrassed by the nonsense you repeat. It doesn’t matter to you (as is the case of this President, that over 175,000+ people have died) due to the inaction of Trump? And if you decide to quote the Fox News  axiom that “without this great man’s ceasing of flights from China, and “closing the border” we would have suffered millions more casualties. That’s just so much horseshit. He did order flights from China to be stopped…but with a caveat (that means a condition) American Nationals would be allowed to return. And then, just from China, 40, 000 people returned to America AFTER his closing of the border. And that’s not where it ends. As many as 420,000 people returned by alternate routes through Europe. So, HE DIDN’T STOP SQUAT. As much as he keeps repeating the great feat of stopping the flights from China, it’s just technically correct, the reality of what he did has a much different outcome. What if, instead of saying things like. ‘It will all go away, like a miracle, or when April comes, the heat will kill it, or the totally, serious comments, “look into ultra-violet light in the body or  perhaps ingesting or injecting bleach or disinfectants into the body, I hear they kill the infection in a minute or so” what if he actually took measures to protect front line workers with additional PPE’s and stock piled ventilators, from the start, imagine if he had just done that!  VB and any others who want to swallow his horseshit excuses, be my guest. Under his watch, people needlessly died, the economy is in the tank, health care has been decimated, unemployment rate is triple numbers from the Great Depression, we are barred from entering most European countries, our neighbors to both the North and South have closed their borders to us, and don’t even try to justify the tariff war damage he has done. Just ask our farmers, at least those that haven’t done themselves in.  Geez, how many examples do you need to see that this man does not know what he’s doing. Or do you folks just put your fingers in your ears and cry na an na na na na na na na. Cause if you don’t, what the hell are you hearing the rest of us aren’t?

    I wonder what you deniers must think, when you see the death toll posted daily and rising. Still thinking it’s a hoax? Do you cling to “More people die from accidents, more people die from cancer or heart attacks” . (Although those numbers are for yearly deaths, not 5 months) The difference is, with proper precautions and safeguards, we could have avoided thousands of deaths.

    So follow this President as he destroys this country, and follow his logic that more testing shows more cases, (may be the most ignorant statement ever made by a sitting President)  and keep referring to those who oppose him as SNOWFLAKES, and stick to your apparent dig that supposed to prove how strong you are (SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP) you’d think after four years you morons could come up with a few more derogatory statements, but then again, we are talking about Trump supporters. (BTW, I love buttercups and happen to believe they are a hardy species.) If they believe his bullshit, they certainly aren’t capable of coming up with new original digs for the Dems.

    I say this over and over. Fox News host are not journalist, they are highly motivated influencers that understand, preaching to the lowest common denominator audience gets them followers. The easily persuaded and are ripe for the picking. They make millions from advertisers, who only look at the sheer numbers of viewers. And that too has been eroding.

    Advertisers are now seeing the harm being associated with right wing conspiracy pundits, and they are pulling advertising dollars. So while the “My Pillow Man” is still a strong supporters, legitimate corporations, not so much.

    I understand the tribalism, you all want to “belong” but damn, is the low hanging fruit the best option. It is so much easier the denigrate someone, than it is to praise, it’s so much easier to say insults, they require no thinking, you just repeat what you’ve heard. Insults are easy, to praise someone requires some thinking to make sure it is taken in the way we intended. Insults again, not so much. Do the experiment yourself. Pick an individual, then tear them down. Use that same individual and congratulate them or praise the good work they’ve done, or just tell them you believe. (Do all this metaphorically, another big word, look it up) Much harder.

     So, sit on the sidelines, take pot shots at the comments that aren’t in line with yours, but we understand, you’ve chosen to take the easy route. Some even might say your too lazy think for yourself. We certainly see this in your hero, never had a positive comment for anyone, much easier to denigrate. (While hearing of the passing of Soul Great, Aretha Franklin) his very first comment was “She used to work for me.” Sick.

    When you say four more years of Trump, you have tipped your hand. You feel slighted and you now feel you have a Champion you can truly relate too. (An ignorant man who benefited from the “perfect storm of the 2016 election”, who has no empathy for others (look up empathy) nor does he share compassion for fellow humans (caging immigrant children come to mind).And for you religious folks, a question I always ponder is , “What would Jesus do?’ Always hits a chord with me, and I breathlessly await your answer.

    Send me a friend request if you want to rattle off your talking points. I am certainly not afraid of a tRump supporter. I believe, in a battle of wits, in this particular situation,  you are unarmed.

  VOTE! Could not be more important!.