So, Let’s Get This Straight…

The Right, not even the Far Right…are the group, who constantly chant for individual freedoms. In fact, they profess personnel freedom, as an absolute right.

   * We have the right to own guns. (They phrase it as, “Our Second Amendment Right To Bear Arms”.

  * No Mandates…

   *No mask mandates, no vaccination mandates.

   *Parent’s rights…

    * Do not mention the word “gay”. and, punishable by law, do not mention sexual orientation in K thru 3rd grade. (In idiotic Florida)… we cannot indoctrinate our children.

  * Do not teach CRT. (This is a curriculum taught only in Graduate level Law classes.) Not being taught in any lower level, from grade-school…to College. But….got to stop teaching it.


   I originally wrote this opinion in a knee jerk reaction to the significant leanings, of those in Congress currently, and those running for Congress. I also believe, that a huge portion of the population, has been brainwashed or at the very least, have become tribalist. I understand, that the feeling of belonging, is a powerful attraction for folks who otherwise may feel abandoned by the system.
In the only instance, that I would ever call DJT insightful, would be his connection to the the otherwise forgotten people. Those folks, who don’t actually follow politics, but are more likely to become associated with candidate Trump, from his appearances as the “Final Word” on his quasi reality show “The Apprentice”. A show that started strong  during the new rise of reality programing of the late 2000’s but rapidly declined in popularity, once folks realized how these programs, were actually loosely scripted, and outcomes manipulated. By the end of the run of the Apprentice, the ratings had plummeted. The spin-offs failed, Martha Stewart lasted a couple of seasons, Arnold Schwarzenegger last 1 season, particularly because of Trump’s ridicule of his numbers, that were actually higher than Trump’s last few seasons. Nevertheless, the image of the businessman who parlayed a measly million, into billions. Ha! Disproved so often, it’s not worth mentioning again…but, I will.
The two incidents that are most indicative, are these…
His Two Casinos in Atlantic City, both failed. The single most lucrative industry on earth, failed miserably. Then there is the infamous, Trump University. The sham “real estate” university, which never received accreditation, failed to the tune of 25 million dollars. Some followers might say, wow! A settlement like that, must mean he is actually an extremely rich individual. But, it may also mean, he scammed his true believers into paying tuitions to learn his secrets. (A practice he continues as he bilks his followers of donations to “fight the steal”) Yes, the great businessman, would personally impart his wisdom. Well, that didn’t happen. What had happened was (ha!), he hired  instructors, who had no background in real estate. He never personally made an appearance at his “University”. So, there’s that.
Then there were steaks sold at an Electronics   store, (The Sharper Image) frozen, and by all standards sub-par. There were unsuccessful attempts to hawk Vodka, and Wine, Vitamins and many more sub-par items. All were hawked by the likes of a flashy carnival barker.  No substance, only fluff.
When a large percentage (at last count around 29%) adhere to the ideology of this faker, and therefore believe the distortion of those who want to rule us all. We are in trouble.


    The mood shifts, when we look at the other side.

     The feelings change….dramatically, when we discuss women’s reproductive rights.

     Many of the rights that republicans constantly harp about, do not affect the body of a human being, but only their right to acquire access to. Yep, they want to own guns…check, they want to deny mandates..mask, check, and not be forced to have vaccinations, check. My BODY….MY CHOICE! Woo Hoo!  We’re with you brothers!!!

     Crap, as it turns out, that’s not really what they believe.

   When the focus turns to actual freedoms that women (and may I add, all persecuted people) face, they protest loudly.   MY BODY MY CHOICE!…not so much in those situations.

   They have engineered the slow coup culminating in the election of Donald Trump. Trump’s election was not the beginning of this coup, it was the culmination of an agenda pursued for decades. Republicans finally found a stooge who would be mailable to their wishes. They fed him the Supreme Court nominees from the Federalist Society’s list, and true to form, he  obliged. He was simply too stupid to know the consequences. The logic McConnell used to keep Obama from appointing Merrick Garland, was quickly discarded when the opportunity arose to elect conservative Judges, in the same time frame, not to mention the Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination and eventual confirmation in the last weeks of Trump’s presidency.

   The one-sided atrocities have nearly come to a head. The political maneuvering over the last 30 years, has resulted in a lop-sided Supreme Court, coupled with a Republican Party, that has thus far escaped any repercussions for their egregious actions.

   To simplify. The Right, apparently, vehemently decry the loss of their personnel freedoms and rights.

    But, that does not extend to the women who will no longer be in control of the most personnel decision they may perhaps face in their lifetime.

   It is clear, that this Republican dictum, is aimed squarely at the poor and the people of color.

   The wealthy women, who find themselves saddled with the unenviable circumstance of choosing whether to terminate a pregnancy, still have the option, to seek termination elsewhere. They simply board a flight, and fly to a state or country, who does not hold those convictions as illegal. But, that avenue is for the rich. The 65% of women who live in middle or poor percentage of the population…they don’t have that option.

  I do know that facts on both sides tend to support each sides position. One side says, WE ARE HERE TO SAVE LIVES! WE PROTECT THE UNBORN!

   That sentiment fails when we see the outcome of unwanted pregnancies, or pregnancies in the lower income stratus of our country. Because of our poor health care system, many lower income and dis-proportionately people of color, suffer tragic infant mortality on a scale not witnessed by the wealthy. And subsequently, deaths of those who birth them due to the lack of means to support another human, much less themselves. It is an extremely bias health care system. The oneness appears to stop at the birth of the protected child. While politicians rail in support of the pro-life dictum, they oppose every other facility that may provide support for the unwanted child.
Welfare cuts,…well that’s a given. Free breakfast and lunch during school hours….nope, we’re against that! Healthcare for the masses, doesn’t seem prudent ( that’s a nope!) What about Social Security? Didn’t we see that deduction from every paycheck we ever received? Well, here’s a secret, there are those on the right who want to eliminate your payments, or, there are those who want to privatize it, gamble your money on the market….with a fee! Yep. That’s a thing on the right!
So, there will always be gullible people, and as long as there are, there will be those willing to take advantage of the situation.


  Once we give up on the fight for something as personal as this, Bearing a child full term as a victim of rape, or, be forced to bear a child, conceived as a result of incest. Is BARBARIC.

   For the right leaning public, to cry in protest about the right to bear arms, to say they certainly don’t need a mask mandate…and, it is affront to their inherent freedoms, and vaccines, that will protect others are an attack on their personnel space or body, may need to reevaluate at some point.

    You are aligning yourself with a group, that are actively reducing the freedoms of not only people you know, but YOU!

   Try to think in the simple terms….if you are passionate about your freedom to own guns, no mask, no vac mandates,…shouldn’t you be sympathetic to the right to have control of your own body?

   To ignore the signs of autocratic tendencies in it’s budding state, will surely lead to absolute autocracy in it’s full bloom.

  (ALTERNATE ENDING…”That means the shit’s coming down.”)