Recent Reply From a Senator…

Another R-Senator’s reply…

Another short response from a Republican Senator in the halls of Congress yesterday.

  When the Senator was asked, as he walked the halls of Congress to his office, “Do you think the age limit on buying assault rifles should be raised from 18 to 21?” With out hesitation, and with out turning his head, he replied, “Never gonna happen”, slipped into his office and closed the door.

   Without any thought, he had the quick answer. In fact, most of those who represent the right, have quick answers. Fewer doors in school, arm teachers, mental health, fortify places of learning, set man traps (huh?). Yep, they all have an answer. It’s as thought they all got together, and got their story straight in some kind of meeting. Yes, there’s a few pages in their play book, but they all have a favorite solution to the mass shootings ready when asked. Unfortunately none of them blame the guns. Nope, guns according to them, are not the problem. Yep, we’ve all heard their answers. We have also seen or heard all the statistics comparing America’s mass shooting problem, to those of other civilized nations. We win! Hands down, we win that contest. So I won’t bog down this little observation with facts and figures, they never do.

   But any one who has the ability to think, knows the answer, and it is massive gun reform. No need to list those steps either, we’ve all heard them.

   There is one fact that statistics are clear on. Over the last decade, only 3% of mass shootings have been stopped or even aided by a “Good guy with a gun.” That’s a pretty small margin to point to when arguing for that as a solution to the problem. More people with guns, appears to have no discernible effect on the problem, unless you consider it as an exacerbating factor. So, there’s that.

   I have thought a lot about why elected officials are so set in their absolute denial of the real issue, which is too many weapons capable of massive discharges of life ending projectiles built for war….available to just about anyone who cares to purchase one.

   At every turn, I always come back to the real reason for their unified denials of the horrible problem we have concerning guns. And it is Money!

    You don’t have to look very hard to see who’s really calling the shots on gun control. It’s the NRA, and in turn gun manufacturers who have a vested interest in selling as many guns as possible. Lobbyist grease the wheels for these entities, and the recipients have grown quite fond of the lucrative perks of their office. It’s the money.

   I used to split the blame equally between money, and the power elected officials are anointed with. But, more and more, I believe it’s simply the Money and the lack of effort it takes to get more.

   I will never understand anyone who would put financial gains above the lives of innocents.

   The frequency of mass shooting alone, and the age of many of the victims, should make even the most self absorbed elected official to, at the very least, consider some form of regulation. But that’s not what we see….Just the stock answers we’ve always gotten, with an insincere dose of “Thoughts and Prayers”.

!! PS: there have been over 200 mass shootings (those are shootings that involved the death or injury to 4 or more people), including 27 mass shootings in schools this year alone !!   


*Didn’t post the above last week. I felt like it was all over the news. BUT,  JUST OVER THE WEEKEND….15 Killed, 60 wounded, in 10 mass shootings. Again, how many needless deaths do we need to see and hear about.

*Update, as of 7/9/22…we now have almost 400 mass shootings.This year.

It’s time for gun reform….it’s passed time!

It may be time to consider this. If the people we have elected to keep us safe, have no desire to enact the kind of reforms we need, maybe we should put some folks in office that actually want to do something about this problem. Vote accordingly.