I’ve Been Quiet….(kinda)

   I’ve been relatively quiet, about the divisive nature of our politics. Yep, I know there are lots of folks who would agree with me, that this country is divided. But, there is an equal number of folks who would say, “I don’t care.”

  Yep, it’s abundantly apparent that there is a huge contingent of folks, who don’t care about the ramifications of division.

   If, you don’t care about the division, you certainly have no interest in unity. By unity, I reference the founding fathers idea, that this country was founded as a country where all religions and creeds, will be accepted.

    Of course, even the founding fathers were flawed. Some owned slaves in fact. But 200 years ago, in a new floundering experiment in Democracy, mistakes were made.

   To point to that action by the founding fathers as proof that, even our founding fathers, those who actually wrote the Constitution, were OK with slavery….is an ignorant man’s argument.

   While we understand, that those times were very different, White Suprematist cling to that nugget of information, as the hidden hint that allows it all.

   Apparently, that special slice of Americana lore, is all they need to have an actual fact to point to. Others may choose to acknowledge the flaws present in the founding of a new nation, which may include atrocities, and ask for forgiveness from the foibles of the past nation builders.

    The past, included atrocities. The past was a hodgepodge of ideas and a confluence the minds of people who were determined to establish a country that was accepting and open to all.

   Lots of mistakes, lots of conflicting ideas, but ultimately, we chose Democracy, and representation of all people to be a function of the new country.

   The problem I see is this….there is a substantial number of folks, who are (let’s put it this way, under-educated)…who are easily persuaded.

   The art of “Cherry-picking” has been refined by Fox News, and perpetrated by the Wanna-Be networks like Newsmax and AON.

   The facts of statements…plucked out of context…mean nothing.

   We could always take statements and manipulate them to our particular point of view.

    Imagine sending a text. Then imagine that someone took that text, manipulated it’s content, and reposted it, with out the original intent.

  They may say, “but that’s what they said!”. Yep, it may be something that was said…but context is the key.

   That’s what Fox News, and the rest of the right wing media do on the regular.

   Susceptible people, are susceptible. Donald Trump proved that, if you say it often enough, and say it with conviction…it will eventually become truth….to some.

  ….I have a good friend who I love as a brother. But, even though we’ve had many conversations about who’s to blame for our current situation…he still points to the current President. REALLY?

   DJT….let a pandemic spread throughout the country, with little resistance and in fact..downplayed it at every point.

   “It will go away. It will be gone by Easter, it’s like the flu, You can wear mask, but it’s “not for me”. Touted the rapid vaccine production, but then left getting vaccines as a personal choice. (BTW, he was one of the first to receive the vaccine). The handling of the pandemic by the former President, has led us here.

   So, if you do not assign blame to the former, why do you now blame the current President for the repercussions?

   I’ll tell what I think. (Read…don’t read, does not matter to me).

   While Donald Trump began his administration with an inaugural address that claimed he would end “This American Carnage” REALLY?

   Donald Trump was handed an economy that had been increasing since 2009. Don’t take my word for it, it’s written in government documents.

   I saw frequently, a small sliver of a graph indicating economic growth.

   Here’s the truth about graphs. As a commercial artist that did many graphs for a Mutual Fund Company…the trick is to scale the graph to indicate growth. I could fudge the scale, I could manipulate the colors that showed success. It my job to make even the most underperforming Mutual fund, look a little better than it did. It was simply the scale.

  I did not cheat the customers, but I was tasked with making small growths appear a little better.

   All that being said, facts are easy to manipulate, especially to those who get their info, from a source that absolutely does not have their best interest at heart.

  As we have seen from Trump over the last half decade, facts be damned. Who would depend on facts?…when it’s so easy to fool folks.


  The idea that Donald Trump did anything for the country that did not directly enhance his wealth, is ludicrous.

   My final opinion on this follows. Anyone who decides it’s time to separate this country into tribes as Donald Trump has done, is a danger to Democracy. Our current system allows elected officials to express the wishes of those who elected them.


    Apparently, the pundits at Fox News, are more qualified to give you the facts, than the CDC, the US Government, the Immunologist (look it up)…Surgeon Generals, and your nerdy cousin who loves bitcoins, can advise.

  While I may have exaggerated a few opinions, I didn’t do it by much.

  This is the world we live in. It’s tough, without the complications of a pandemic, or a President who wasn’t a fan of “The peaceful transfer of power” and the friggin’ Republican Party…

    MTG, I’m looking at you. Matt Gaetz, you’re included in the group, and Josh Hawley, Right On with your fist up while they storm the Capital.

   Opps, don’t want to leave out Jim Jordan. ( probably not relevant because he simple ignored molestation of wrestlers while coaching)

But, we can all agree Paul Gosar is an outstanding citizen. That little issue of his being a White Suprematist is surely left wing gossip.

  The fact that all his siblings wrote in an opinion, that he should never be afforded an elected office. Well, crap! That ship has sailed.

   Then there’s the small issue of a couple of Democrats. Joe Manchin,, Krysten Sinema, yep those guys. Both are so in the pocket of the coal industry (Joe) and the Pharmaceutical industry. (Krysten) why do you think they vote the way they do. Unfortunately, in the slim margin Democrats hold in the Senate, they realize that they can stop legislation with a single vote opposed to negate otherwise bills that would help their constituents, because it doesn’t benefit them. Manchin drives a Maserati, which he parks next to his yacht, to drive into the Capital to vote against things like stimulus check or tax breaks for the poor that have proven to reduce child hunger. But he will vote for tax breaks for the rich…because…..well, you know.

   Guess we deserve who we get.

   Yes sir, we are saddled with those we elect. Well, saddled for a while….because we have elections.

  So, while the country has made some mistakes, in the 232 years we have existed as a country, we’ve been able to coexist as humans.

  That premise has been tested numerous times. World Wars I and II, were vast and deadly. Subsequent wars have been fought among the tribes on Earth…and left death and destruction.

  So, the only known civilized planet in our solar system, does not feel special, does not feel privileged…just to hold such a distinction?

   Nope, why don’t we do this…let’s divide the  planet up with superficial  boundaries…and fight about them?

   While the easily persuaded may want to  feel special about their opinion, a real civilization would choose a path that can come to SOLUTIONS for the planet. Yep, it’s the only one we know has life, and we still feel obligated to divide it up in arbitrary sections, and fight about it! Damn.

   I think I’ll just give up and watch the end of civilization on Hulu…