Recent Article About Recovery From a Pandemic…

I recently read an article by Kimberly Langford. It was titled “How About A Little Good News?” There were several points she made about what we are experiencing now, and examples from the past in similar situations. The portion that caught my attention most, enumerated these facts and observations.

    * “You will never feel safe enough to go to a theater or museum”

   …..know that from late 1592 to early 1594, the bubonic plague killed more than 10,000 people living in London. In the midst of William Shakespeare’s career, all of London’s theaters were shuttered for over a year, in an effort to halt the plague’s spread. But when theaters, including Shakespeare’s Globe, reopened, gate receipts were huge, according to James Shapiro, an English professor at Columbia University.

   Soon afterwards, Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and he continued to write plays through a second wave of the plague in 1603, completing King Lear and Macbeth a few years later. “If Shakespeare’s age offers any model and consolation, it’s how quickly numbers were back to normal and people were living their lives again,”

   This was just an exert from the article that offered hope for us in these difficult times with historic references.

     The entire article was great and reassuring. Published in AARP magazine from writer Kimberly Lankford.