How Much Murder, Do We Need To Witness?

   So, let me get this straight. We have decided, that counter-measures against the Russian invasion of a fledgling Democratic country, may lead to a world war. Is that the thinking?

   To extrapolate, that essentially handcuffs the world. The fear of antagonizing the mad man that has declared war on a peaceful democracy, simply because he wishes to reconstitute the old Soviet Union. Means..our collective hands are tied?

  The entire planet, excluding the autocracies of Iran, North Korea, China, Eritrea, Syria, Russia, and it’s ally Belarus, and  also the Nations that abstained were, Iraq, Iran, India, Pakistan, and of course China, failed to ratify the UN doctrine condemning the invasion.

  There appears to be a commonality. Countries that are autocratic, or countries that depend, in some way, on Russia. The obvious connection from those who abstained from condemning the action, and the five nations who absolutely refused to vote against the aggression, leaves little to discern….they have not now, or are not likely to accept a non-imperialism government.

  It seems incredible that in a world, that has been so torn by war, that there are still countries (governments) who still are determined to conquer, and acquire countries or settled lands, at all cost.

   Think of this. America is the longest surviving,  continuous Democracy on the planet. Every other form of rule, has so far failed (because of their treatment of citizens) and because of the non-inclusion of the people they rule. While you may argue that they are actually succeeding by imposing total control over their constituents, why not ask those being governed by this system…how they feel?

   A democracy is the most inclusive form of government. Ideally we will elect those to speak for our collective souls. While this system has flaws, they can be addressed and corrected due to our set election cycles. We get to vote for change. The process may be cumbersome, and slow moving…but, we do have the opportunity to change our elected officials.

  I do understand that bad people may be corrupted by money to the point of enacting legislation that not only benefits themselves, but opens doors for the ultra rich.

   It is a tenuous situation.

   But, every human must be appalled by the unprovoked attack on Ukraine.

   The only question that remains…is this. Do we watch in horror from our recliners, or do we demand the free world to act. Surely, a mad man that lust for power by any means necessary, must be opposed by every free nation on Earth. While thousands die from this aggression, how can the 168 nations of the planet( excluding the 5 who voted against action), not retaliate in kind to the slaughter of innocents.  Untrained  fathers have joined the battle, while sending their children and wives to some possible salvation in countries they are unfamiliar with..simply to remain to fight.

  Are we content to watch this on our nightly news, and clasp our hands in disgust and possibly wipe our tears?

   It seems to me, that every line has been crossed by Russia. It not only “seems” that way, it is absolutely documented, that this horror is occurring…daily.

   In my mind…there has to be a point, that we simply say, the horrible aggression we are seeing, must be dealt with.

    As I’ve said before, the non-military actions we have taken, are “sweet”, “within the rules of war” and “good intentioned” but totally ineffective in a time of war against a ruthless megalomaniac.

   Fight fire with Fire…there are no other options. Thoughts and prayers have as much effect on the families that have lost children in school shootings, as the sentiment by free nations that we are disturbed with the actions in Ukraine, but our hands are tied. Yep…time to suck it up and for God’s sake…DO SOMETHING!!!!