30 Stupid Things People Believe…

Looking around the internet opens a window to the shear lunacy some people believe.

   Here are a few examples.

1.) And this is a big one, some believe, the Earth Is Flat.

2.) Others believe, the Earth is hollow and there are civilizations living there.

3.) Antarctica is not a continent, and cannot be visited. (There’s a treaty that forbids it.)

4.) Antarctica, is a huge circular ice wall that surrounds the Flat Earth.

5.) Donald Trump is a great businessman.

6.) There is no outer space, and we live under a dome. (A firmament)

7.) No outer space means, we never went to the moon.

8.) The Sun and moon are only hundreds of miles above the flat Earth.

9.) The Earth must be flat, because we cannot see the curve, even standing on a flat plain.(they don’t seem to understand scale.)

10.)Some folks believe there are other continents beyond the Antarctic Ice Wall and the Illuminati are keeping those secret.

11.) Donald Trump was the countries greatest President.

12.) The moon emits it’s own light, not only that, but moonlight is cool (temp wise)

13.) The sun and moon travel on tracks in a constant changing loop to explain seasons.

14.) Dinosaurs and humans existed at the same time, and, the Earth is 6,000 years old.

15.) All images of Earth from space are CGI.

16.) The Southern Border Wall was completed by Trump, and….Mexico paid for it.

17.) You cannot fly over Antarctica (since it’s a wall around a flat Earth.)

18.) The entrance to the Hollow Earth is a hole at the North Pole. Which you can’t go to.       (Spoiler, you CAN go to the North Pole, and the South Pole.)

19.) All NASA employees are in on the Flat Earth reality, but the 400 Thousand employees world wide, are keeping it a secret.

20.) Mail in ballots are an easy target for fraud. (Trump and family have voted this way in at least the last 2 elections.)

21.) Many animals we see, are animatronic. Koalas, Penguins, Kangaroos, etc. even those we see in Zoos.

22.) Donald Trump never lied while in office(or anywhere else)

23.) Civilians should have unfettered access to Weapons of War.

24.) A group of 9 old folks in robes, are in the right, when they overturned Roe v Wade and should be allowed to control the body of half the population of the United States

25.) Mass shootings are a “Mental Health issue”.

26.) “Be Best” was an awesome former First Lady’s platform, and a really catchy name.

27.) The moon landing was staged by Stanley Kubrick, on a set, on Earth.

28.) People are not experiencing Pareidolia when they see shapes in geographic formations that resemble living things. These are the fossilized remains of elephants and even dragons.

29.)Evolution is not a real thing. If it was, why are there still monkeys?

30.) Donald Trump, actually won the last election.

  Added an extra one…

31.) Joe Manchin is a Democrat.