Your In Good Hands

No wait, that’s Allstate. They’re an insurance company. Their business is providing funds for those who are experiencing difficulties, through no fault of their own.
And then there’s this shit show! While the President is getting his cues from Fox News, people are dying. Sure, he’s getting his talking points from the talking heads at the network, but really, is their opinion reliable? Is their opinion based on facts provided by Government Health authorities, the CDC, the WHO, or just pulled out of their asses to prop up this administration. I think it’s the latter.
If you have not, up to this point, been able to discern that the man that sits in the most powerful office in the WORLD….is incompetent, you are in some kind of self delusional cult that is based on the admiration of One Man, and not the facts.
The folks that are still on the Trump team at this point, are lost. Sounds harsh, and I don’t mean it to be, I am more concerned that they have an inability to grasp what is really happening to this country.
Every norm we have known since the inception of our Constitution is at risk.
To have a leader that does not embrace the norms, ignores Congressional oversight, and blatantly breaks the law because he is supported by his appointed Attorney General, the Chief Law Enforcement Individual in the country, is very  Dangerous.
No check to his power? That’s how you want to roll? Well, picture this. Barack Obama decided to act in this manner. You folks would have had a stroke.
That’s the precedent you have put into motion by ignoring the actions of Trump.
So a Democrat wins in 2020, what then? Your all fine with him ignoring of norms, the contention that Article 2 gives him absolute power. Really? That’s the precedent you set by allowing this President to act in the way he has for 3 + years.
If you have ventured out, and decided to read this editorial, try to understand this. I am not anti-Republican, I am not supporting someone looking to take away your guns, I am not saying “Let all immigrants into our country”. I am saying, the system we have nurtured for 250 years…works. We simply must allow the system to work. You can’t build walls to circumvent legislative resolve, we just can’t.
Forget the propaganda by the Trump administration….we have a system in place that works for the majority of the country. To change process, our votes should be reflective in our Congressional representatives. That’s how it works. No executive decisions that skirt Congressional approval, no executive orders of “National Security issues” which allows the President to rule un-impeded…against our closest neighbors and anyone else.
Supporters, you want to support an UNCHECKED President? Go ahead,
but it will soon be “YOUR TURN IN THE BARREL”….. look it up.