When People Hide….

People hide for several reasons. Some hide when trying to avoid capture. (Quadafi and Saddam Hussein come to mind). Some people may hide when they can’t accept verbal abuse. Some people simply hide to avoid confrontation.
    But some people hide behind fortifications that are there to conceal their intentions.
Right wing radio host hide behind “freedom of speech,” as do Fox News talking heads. Yep, you are allowed to say anything in America. Well, hold on a second. What if you lie. Is that OK? According to some, yep, it is my right. So the old axiom of, you can’t yell “fire” in a crowded theater, without there being a fire, seems right.
But, what we see is a perversion of that idea. Right wing pundits say (when it suits them) that YES!….all speech is free. They believe, they are protected by the constitution, to say anything. It’s called free speech you liberal idiots. So that is the rub as they say. To deny anyone the ability to say what they want, is wrong. In other words, the yelling of “fire” in a crowded theater argument is moot. These people apparently believe, if you can enunciate words that are audible, it is protected. Really? If that is the rule we are now told to adhere to, we are in deep sh!t
This manipulation of the rights afforded us by the constitution are being twisted to an almost unrecognizable diatribe, we no longer recognize.

 We can see, that this American Experiment, is teetering on the edge of destruction.
When politicians override the principles the Constitution has afforded us for nearly 250 years, we are in trouble.
This country, is not like any other country on earth. We are a land of immigrants. We are a land that chose religious freedom over oppression. We are a land that accepted the gift of the Statue of Liberty, that would symbolize the free nature of this country. We inscribed on that statue the famous words of Emma Lazarus, in her prose “The New Colossus” the most important quote being…
“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free. The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, send these, the homeless, tempestuous to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”
That was once our sentiment as a nation. That no longer seems to apply.

   We have a President who not only was a child of immigrants, who  rose to unimaginable wealth in the new land, married  two immigrants and his children, 4 of 5 have immigrant mothers. His current wife took advantage of chain migration, to allow her parents to become citizens. Seems like immigrants aren’t really that much of an issue with DJT. Another example of only doing what is good for him. There are not enough sides of one mouth, on one man, to explain his rationale for his varying degrees of acceptance.
    But here we are. We have a President who wishes to portray himself as a “Strongman” a brave leader. Fearless in his resolution.
So, can you tell me why the White House went dark last weekend? Can you tell me why, not only the interior lights were turned off, but the exterior lights were turned off. Can you tell me why, he would choose that moment to “inspect” the bunker. Had he ever “inspected”  it before? And can you tell me why  his wife and son were also scurried to the bunker. Were they inspecting as well?
     I only kid. We know what it looked like at that moment. “Mr. President, (he loves that) also “Sir” even better, the protestors are gathering in peaceful protest right outside the Whitehouse. Trump “Well how close are they? Close sir, they are right outside the protective fence that has been there for years. Trump, “Is there any chance of a breach?” Secret Service, “Probably not”. Trump, “Well just to be safe, we better get to the bunker” Secret Service, “What ever you say.” Trump, “what can we call my fleeing to the bunker five stories under the Whitehouse. Secret Service, “How bout an INSPECTION?
Ok let’s go before we get caught up here.
Of course, that conversation is fictional, but can you imagine a scenario where a President would chose to remove himself and his family to go to the bunker to “Inspect it?” While surrounded by protestors, Hmmm, I’ll let you folks decide
So people hide for various reasons. But it’s my experience that most people hide to escape harm or discovery. When people feel threatened, they hide. Maybe not the bravest thing, but, understandable. It would almost digestible, if he hadn’t, during this time, told Governors to DOMINATE! If you don’t DOMINATE, you’ll look like jerks.
So while hiding in the bunker, cowering in fear…he was tweeting, and he was telling anyone who would listen, YOU MUST DOMINATE!. If you don’t fix this, I will do what has almost never been done, I will call in the Military to solve this. I will call in the American Military to subdue the American people.
Such a brave show of force by what many consider the bravest man of all time. Just ask him.
And if you think,  that little excursion to St. John’s Church . Tear gassing peaceful protestors firing rubber bullets, flash bombs  for a photo op was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

      VOTE, And vote as if this election was the most important act of your lifetime. If you think the last four years were rough, you can not imagine the destruction to come in four more.