What’s Wrong With This Picture?

  I have a relative who is in law enforcement. I asked him several years ago about the use of force by officers. His reply was shocking to me. When an officer feels “threatened” he has every right to mitigate his situation with force. Yep, they are trained, SURVIVE AT ANY COST. Can you imagine the number of people who join the police force, that may have issues? Felt trivialized by their social standings in life, and thought, how can I be considered strong.(much like Donald Trump’s thinking)
    To join the force would give them license to “dominate” others.
It seems to be a theme with those that feel slighted, or put upon, by society. I can  join an organization that not only accepts violence as a means of control, but encourages it unilaterally without repercussions. How empowering must that be for someone who has never “dominated”? Their wishes have all come true. Add right wing sentimentalities shared by many members of law enforcement, and the unwritten rules of support, no matter what, by fellow officers, well, we have a big problem.
And here’s where we are. Four officers subdued a man, whose only crime was possibly spending a counterfeit $20 bill. They not only used excessive force, but they ignored the cries from the victim that he could not breath, they also ignored the bystanders’ pleas to please let him live. For  a possible $20 dollar infraction. It cost him his life. Conversely, the officer responsible, even before his trial is, by current union contract, entitled to receive a pension for the rest of his life. His life? Yep, he will receive at a minimum $50,000 yearly, till death. George Floyd will not receive a pension, (the family may prevail in a civil suite),  his heirs will not receive pension, any reparations, or the comfort that a father can supply to his daughter….ever.
   While we see protest around the world, opposing  the treatment of this man, and those who are peacefully protesting, the Commander in Chief chooses to take the low road. Balks at the notion of renaming military bases, named for racist, KKK members, and those Generals who actually performed treasonist  actions against the country they swore allegiance to. Demands to bring in the military against the American people,  schedules his first rally in a city notorious for the murder of  hundreds of African Americans in 1921, and not coincidentally on the date of recognition of the freeing of the slaves…Juneteenth.(that has recently been changed to the next day. So gracious)  No dog whistle here. Just a blatant slap in the face of African Americans, and it is by design. To add further insult, he has chosen Jacksonville, Florida ( the site of another massacre of African Americans) to be his choice to hold the RNC convention. He pulled the plug on North Carolina…they insisted that attendees must social distance and wear mask. What a huge ask from a Governor who was looking out for his constituents. No way says Trump! He says, I want the crowd to look “normal” no social distancing, and certainly no mask!
     So he moved his 2nd coming out convention to the state where he has achieved compliance from that states’ Governor. Yep, open up, gather in groups, it should be fine. Supporters wanting to attend his first new rally, were then greeted with a caveat. We encourage you to attend, we want your support, but, we are not responsible for any health issues you may contract by attending. So, to request attendance, you must sign away all copability complaints towards the President or any of his enterprises. Yep, we want you to come, it should be fine, but don’t hold us responsible if you should become ill. He loves his constituents and he is fighting for them, except for the illness part. After all, it’s Democratic hoax. So come on down to my first comeback rally, and we would love to see you at the convention , it’s gonna be fun.
    That’s where we are? Support a man who purposely chooses significant dates and locations held in regard by black people, to hold rallies, downplay the threat of becoming ill if you attend, shun any responsibility (only in the legal sense) during the time of the most civil unrest we have seen for decades.   And supporters, do not mistake this action as coincidenc. It’s deliberate. Do not mistake this as an awkward accident. It is not.
But again, this all must seem right to you.
This is a deliberate slight to anyone who is currently protesting. It is also a thinly vailed precursor of things to come.
If you are a racist, if you are an Evangelical Christian  who believes Jesus was “White”, and if you are a Dominionist, who believes only white Christians should rule,  and if you believe all other races are inferior, and for that matter, if you are White  Supremacist, neo-nazi, or any other individual who believes one race superior to another. You have your champion.
But, you need to know this. As much as you may posture about the supremacy of the white race, no one is all white! Just because you  don’t know your heritage, doesn‘t mean you don’t have a mixture of blood running thru you veins.
Slightly off topic, just as a heads up…. everyone began their journey from Africa. Science has shown us as much, (and please don’t bring up, that non-sense about the world being 5,000 years old…stupid in so many ways),  we migrated, we changed, and we adapted to the conditions we found ourselves in. Took hundreds of thousands of years to evolve. People in hot arid environments, over time, adapted to the blistering heat, those who ended up further north, evolved, in a different way. People have adapted to their environment, throughout the history of man.  You  can’t accept the science? Thats your issue. But how about leaving the rest of us the “F” alone?
This abomination of a President, who you think has your best interests at heart, is a liar. He doesn’t care for you, he doesn’t care for anyone, who is not HIM!
In ending, people should know by now, We ARE ALL HUMANS!
No one individual, is better than anyone else. No race has been chosen to be the leader. The color of skin, should not be a gauge in which we judge people. You know in your heart (unless you are so bigoted you can’t accept the science) that we are the same. But you are just afraid you will lose advantage.
That’s what’s wrong with this picture!
And that is sad…..