What Could Have Been…If Only

Sometimes it might be helpful to evaluate what could have been if only things had gone slightly differently.

I find myself occasionally thinking, what might have been. It’s obviously an exercise in futility, but never the less, I do think of it from time to time.

What if the election had not been interfered with. What if no outside country decided to fudge the election for one candidate over another.

The Vote….

The interference may not have been instigated initially to benefit one candidate, but most probably was was done to sway the vote against a known adversary…. Hillary Clinton. As Secretary of State, she was involved in the issuing sanctions as well as other acts that that were opposed to the expansion of the influence of Russia. Moreover, it is their desire to sow discord in America, as fodder for their propaganda machine. No matter how they accomplish it. When you try to scramble for reasons that Russia would want to help any candidate other than the hated Democratic nominee, in hind site, the reasons will slap you in the face in their obviousness. With past connections with tRump, and all we now know, why wouldn’t they support someone who was at least mildly compromised already, and upon further digging, was already financially compromised by his efforts to assist the Russians in a broad money laundering scheme. During the campaign, if you remember, he bragged about how much  Russian money he was involved with in his real estate “Empire”….why wouldn’t I want to do business with them? (There are some obvious reasons)

Then I thought….

Why for instance , does he refuse to show his tax returns? When you hear him speak of his “Great” financial report, that he has not so readily offered……what that actually is, is an accounting that’s unsubstantiated by the rule of law, it’s basically his estimation of worth. Now that seems a little suspect.

When we hear from Michael Cohen (the lawyer he suggested we question about campaign finance issues and is now serving time) about how he manipulates the numbers, according to the circumstances, we can’t help but be leery . Simply put…..When borrowing money, exaggerates his income, when paying taxes, diminishes his income. No scruples, no problem.


SO, to get back to the premise of this editorial……..

Try to imagine this. What if TRump, by whatever means he was elected, had simply decided to be “The President”?

Let’s say, instead of railing about the corruptness of his political foe, simply let it go. He Won (he shouldn’t need to be reminded, or remind everyone else). What if he divorced himself from the idea of the “Deep State”.

What if , as most innocent people would do, dropped the Steel dossier document as the beginning of a “Witch Hunt” (it was not) after he won, and just let it go. Again, He Won.

Would it be too much to ask, that he may , after a victory that placed him in the most powerful position on Earth, just do the job. After deriding the few Golf Excursions President Obama took during his Presidency, pretty sure Obama didn’t spend 1/3 of his days in office …..at his own Golf Courses. Can you imagine how much more informed he might be, if he would just do the normal thing, and read the daily briefings. Now some have said , he cannot read. Well I believe he can, at some level, but prefers not to. During briefings, it is said advisors have to “Make the paragraphs short, include pictures” Really? He’s the President?

What if his day didn’t include “Executive Time” meaning, the time he spends scouring the cable news outlet of his choosing, looking for praise from the followers, and immediately going to his cowardly Twitter account to either praise  the Fox pundits, or disparage any detractors, and retweet endless conspiracy theories. What if , he just acted like a President. (Not to mention , his documented 12,000 misstatements and outright lies)

I also wonder, how different it may be if he respected….anyone? What if he genuinely respected the Constitution? If he believed, Freedom of the Press was an important check to power. Understood, that unbiased reporting is ultimately the key to trust in Government by it’s  citizens. Just the facts please. Speaking of the Constitution, what if things were slightly different, and he believed there were THREE SEPARATE BUT EQUAL BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT?

What if, department heads and key Cabinet members, where actually vetted by the Senate, in cases where that applies, and weren’t  being appointed as “ACTING” heads of Government positions, most deliberately appointed to circumvent scrutiny from Congress, and placed in positions in Government  they once lobbied against. (To be clear. By appointing “acting” heads, he is in total control, no, over-site.)

What if, instead of appointing Scott Pruitt, as head of the EPA , a lobbyist for the fossil fuel industry. I only point out Pruitt because he was first and arguably worst. What if he appointed someone who actually had the environment and it’s protection as a goal. Other names…who have disgraced their post, Spicer,  Price , Zenke, Carson, Ross, Bolton,  Acosta, Sarah Sanders….and the list goes on. Have  you ever seen this number of departures in a President’s  administration?

The energy extended in endeavors to align with Political strongmen seems disturbing. When speaking of Russian relations during the campaign , he would often say “Getting along with Russia, is a good thing” Apparently, he is not aware of the history of the Soviet Union, and to him, it’s a good idea for future real estate deals. What if,  he realized, the murderous dictator, was an adversary, not a friend, who has no problem “eliminating” opposition.

What amount of tone deafness does it take to call for a meeting with the Taliban, the week of 9/11…..at Camp David?

What if, this President chose to side with our allies, members of NATO, the EU, instead of the political strongmen he so admires? While we have watched this infatuation and his attraction to power citing,  on several occasions, the lifetime appointment of Chinese President Xi, the complementing of Philippines President    Duterte and his handling of human rights in his country, the “Love Letters from Chairmen Kim and had not gotten “rolled” by Erdogan, and the Grandaddy of them all, his affinity for strongman, Vladimir Putin.  If the former KGB officer says he didn’t do it, he obviously …didn’t do it, I don’t know why he would? Hmmmm.

What If, he hadn’t abandoned our allies, the Kurds without consulting anyone about the outcome?

What if, instead of fighting the science of climate change, and refusing to allow scientific facts to be published, he simply accepted the findings and acted. Acted like a President?

What if, instead of spouting to other world leaders, we have the cleanest water, and the cleanest air, in the WORLD, ( and being laughed at) he actually protected the environment of the citizens? Maybe wasn’t so quick to pull out of the Paris Accord, a voluntarily imposed set of guidelines…..with a goal of saving the planet.

What may have happened had he not removed us from the Iran Agreement. Looks like that might have exacerbated the situation. (As most of his actions usually do)

What if simple things like rolling back regulations that phased out incandescent light bulbs, weren’t reversed, really, friggin’ energy robbing incandescent light bulbs need a reprieve?

What if , instead of rolling back automobile emissions (a move even the four major auto manufactures oppose), he simply kept the guidelines already in place?

What if, instead of concentrating on re-election, he simply did his job, and didn’t begin holding campaign rally type events soon after entering office. He loves the rallies.

What if his former lawyer was not alone in being found guilty…and the unindited Co- Conspirator also faced jail?

Would it be better for tax payers, if he did not direct the military to land at an out of the way airstrip associated with his resort, and generously allow the airmen who pilot those planes, to stay at said resort? (paid for by tax payer dollars)

Who would benefit, if the next G7 (tRump hopes for a return to the G8) is held in his bedbug ridden Doral? The Emoluments clause seems to be, just so much ink on a paper. There’s a reason the founding fathers included this in the Constitution.

What if, he actually divested himself of his business entities, and placed them in a blind trust…..he said he would….he didn’t

And what if, instead of encouraging protest staged by the “Alt Right” and White Nationalist, he condemned them. What if, he didn’t equate the people who opposed the racist marchers, in Charlottesville, as equally responsible for the hate we saw in full force, and the death of one innocent person?  ( fine people on both sides?) Really?”

What  if he didn’t tell the Russians, while standing in the Oval Office……between us, no problem with your meddling in the election, we’ve done the same thing, and the day after the Mueller report hearing, he asked  the the New President Of Ukraine to “Do him a favor” then release the transcript that was to absolve him of impropriety…..but verified everything a whistleblower exposed…….then went out on the Whitehouse lawn, and repeated his ask not only of Ukraine, but suggested China should help him as well?…….whew, that’s a lot.

To be honest, I can go on and on.

But, here’s my question.

What if, the current President, didn’t do any of the things we all know about through a combination of newpaper and journalist reporting, his own public statements, and his vicious Twitter post?

What if the current President just did the things most Presidents would do? What if he only sat on his ample ass and governed? By his own actions, he has brought this on himself. He couldn’t be content being the President, he had to try to “Game “ the system, as he has done in every venture he has ever undertaken. Maybe the country would not be so divided, the rhetoric so hateful, the terrible events we have seen in our country under his leadership, so horrible.