Well, Here We Go…

It looks like the President has finally realized, he is not going to be re-elected.

And this is what I was afraid of. He now appears to be unshackled from any restraints (as if he ever was).

    He is now going to show us his true self. Commute sentences for convicted felons, pardon other convicted felons that he feels are “on his side”.

   Supreme Court ruling didn’t go the way he thought his stacked court would….bummer.

   Forget his determination to open schools, or relegate members of his virus task force to silence. After all, he has a BIGLY brain, and the best words.

   His handling of this pandemic goes almost without saying, has been atrocious. Thousands of unnecessary deaths, on his hands by his inaction at critical times. So he has nothing to lose now, and we’re fixing to find out how ruthless he can be. An ignorant man, an election mistake, and we are now, as we have been for the last four years going to be subjected to unrestrained malice for all. Yep, it’s bad.