Well, Here We Are…

Well, Here We Are……

Yep, in the fourth year of rule by the wanna be dictator, it seems his fondest dreams are coming true. Vilifying those who dare to oppose him. Not a “new” trait, but like an unchecked virus, it’s getting stronger.

Calling for investigations of political opponents, removing from office anyone who dares speak truth to power (even though they were subpoenaed by Congress to testify), BTW, no one who testified in the hearings, still works for the Government. Appointing relatives and friends to administration positions, no matter how unqualified. Circumventing the Senate vetting apparatus to approve his appointments, by positioning them in his cabinet as “Acting “ heads of departments, to avoid all that pesky red tape we call process, and we can’t forget overriding decisions to not allow high level security clearances, by giving anyone he chooses Security Clearances. That sound right.

An Attorney General who just recently came down with a case of the “Vapors” about all the tweeting, and its’ inherent problems. Although I’m pretty sure I didn’t hear him say anything about actually doing something about it, or if the decision to interfere in a recent tRump crony sentencing guidelines was inappropriate. Just more smoke.

What’s left on the dictator check list, the usual stuff. The press is the enemy of the people, those who were tasked with investigating him are all members of the deep state. Our intelligence organizations are infiltrated with traitors and spies whose only job is to “Bring Him Down”. And lastly, “I have the absolute power to do, X,Y,& Z! I have not done it yet (sure you haven’t), but I could if I wanted to”.

So, here we are. The whole weight of our democracy is teetering on the edge. With only a few more unbalanced moves, we will have a dictator. A compliant Senate, a like-minded Attorney General, subservient Cabinet members, and a clinically narcissistic President…a dangerous cocktail if there ever was one, but, there is a remedy. We have an opportunity next November to get the country back on track. I would simply hope that like-minded people will make it their job to vote in that election not only for a President, but for Senators, and get this country back to something we can rely on to govern for all, begin to fix the damage done and quit hanging our heads in shame when we hear the President speak.