Voter Suppression….Non-sense!

Who does it help…to not allow voting by mail? Hmmm. There is a pandemic, unemployment at record highs, health care workers dying. there might be a line at your polling place where we don’t social distance, but, what the heck? It’s just your life your gambling on. BTW, is it my imagination, or, are there less polling places now?
Oh well, let’s get back to work!
Mask are for non-patriots. Mike Pence just said, we have flattened the curve! Yep, he says we’ve made GREAT PROGRESS.
We are ready to OPEN UP! Ask the governors of Texas, Arizona, and the party state…Florida. Oops, the horror, they may pause the reopening. Those governors are surely going to get a spanking from the most feared man in politics. He may TWEET! Yikes, he may watch Fox News or OANN, and lash out. He may say something ignorant about you, or about the circumstances we find ourselves in. Tweeting is so harmful, you, might read something, about yourself, that you know is not true. The horror! Such a scary threat! Words….yikes!
Judging from his track record, so far, in life, he really doesn’t appear to be someone to fear. Every venture he has ever attempted, has ended in FAILURE. Oooh, so scary.
Yep, he still has enough money for lawyers. Although their track record is in question. Some are spending time currently on the Government’s dime. But, he loves to litigate! And HE DOES NOT SETTLE! Unless you count, the hundreds of times, he has settled. Most famously, a 25 million dollar settlement for bogus Trump University.
So, we all must oppose voting by mail. It would be the end of this democracy. Wait….what’s that you say? The President, and all members of his family, and the VP Mike Pence (say it ain’t so) all vote by mail? Well that’s odd. Why would they, of all people oppose, vote by mail?
So what your saying is this. If everybody gets to vote (especially during our health crisis) safely. It would somehow be a bad thing?
Hmmm, I may need a little more convincing. In a Democracy, I think, majority rules. The way you find out what the majority believes, is to count each and every vote. If you make it hard for people to vote, the count might not be accurate, right?
Well that seems unfair.
I guess I finally get it. Rich people can vote by mail, or by absentee ballots, and the rest just can‘t do that, because?
I guess I just don’t understand politics. If I don’t understand the voting system, I think I’ll either vote for the R’s, because, I think they are the most powerful. They have arraigned the system in a way that everybody doesn’t have to vote. They know what’s best. Or, I might have to examine what are the results of the last 4 years.
Nope, that‘s too hard. I’m going with a TV superstar! He fired people weekly! So strong, so decisive, it’s the ratings baby!
So, guess I’m ok with voter suppression. In fact, there are too many polling places. I wish, that we could designate only one state to host polling places. I choose Kentucky! Mitch McConnell surely has the nations interest at heart! ….I’m starting a petition.