Uuuuh, Maybe I’ve Been Wrong….

Who am I to question the knowledge and sincerity of our leaders.

It has become obvious that there are people out there, that know much more than me. These people hold high offices in this Government. How can they “not” be more qualified than me to make judgements and policies that effect this country.

    I no longer look at the hundreds of firings of cabinet members, government agency heads, or even the heads of our security forces as a bad thing. They were replaced, post haste, with “acting” heads of those agencies.
   Yep, that is so reassuring to me. No need for Congressional vetting and approval. They only have to answer to one man. How elegant is that? Not only does it do away with the reams of red tape we have been accustomed to, it streamlines the process. When qualified department heads are sacked, they are immediately replaced by someone who may not be quite as knowledgeable as the ones they replace, but they do have a working knowledge of the agency they have been appointed to oversee. Many of them once lobbied against those very departments, they surely are aware of the issues those departments face.

    It is a brilliant move to recruit talking heads from Fox News. They already know the Presidents position on everything!
    Larry Kudlow, National Economic Council Chairman, could not have been a better choice. He recently embraced the position of Steve Mnuchin, our current Secretary of the Treasury, on keeping the beneficiaries of the recent bailouts…SECRET!  You know the old saying “The Less You Know The Better”.
And he also is not shy about our economy. He just said that the economy has grown steadily over the last ten weeks. What a wonderful sentiment.
I didn’t see it that way, but that’s why I am apologizing. Those unemployment numbers we have seen, must have a much deeper meaning. Perhaps those numbers are symptomatic of a growing economy, but what do I know. Just a dumb ol’ citizen.
    I could only hope, I could be advised by the likes of Kellyanne Conway. I only wish that I could have a relationship, purely plutonic, with Shawn Hannity, and don’t get me started about Tucker Carlson…just a peach of a guy.
    I was ready to condemn the hiring of such luminaries as Ryan Zinke, Scott Pruitt, Jeff Sessions, But they got exposed as grifters (good old Ben Carson is hanging in there, BTW, he deserved that dining room table) , and most were soon dismissed from their post, well soon,  might be a stretch.
    While I used to wonder why so many people had been fired, or resigned, or sent to jail, I no longer do. As soon as the corrupt actions were discovered, they were out. To me, it appears the only just and right thinking person in this administration is…The President.
    He told us up front, he would drain the swamp, he would only employ the best people, and it’s excusable that it took him a lot of time, but now, we have a group of individuals in these important positions, that are getting the job done. Wilbur Ross comes to mind. What a shrewd choice for Secretary of Commerce. He endorsed the tariffs, and had some dandy explanations as to why it benefitted the American people. Just ask the farmers. 
Betsy DeVos, another gem. Her experience in public schools and the many obstacles they face is unparalleled. And I know , some of you might say, all her children attended private schools,…that doesn’t mean she won’t fight for issues like, forgiving student loan debt, or making sure that all students, no matter what country they originate from, will receive fair and equal treatment.
     Here’s another stroke of genius that was obviously over my pay grade, install family members as unpaid advisors. Those who aren’t advisors, should still be allowed to drag the Secret Service to Mongolia, to kill the largest sheep on the planet, no matter how endangered the species is, and charge that detail of Secret Service members expenses, to the taxpayers, they deserve it. We should be honored, they are Trumps!
    So I capitulate, I have obviously been wrong. That Russia interference, that silly impeachment business, the lack of empathy, the destruction of all norms, the disregard of the emoluments clause(and I now see where he’s coming from, it’s a phony portion of the Constitution) I get it. Finally.
      In conclusion, I am now ashamed of my stance on global warming, I now believe coal is our future, clean beautiful coal. I will be more conscious when I rake forest floors. The purchase of Greenland makes perfect sense, and to condemn those pesky leaders of our allied countries, along with the condemnation of NATO, brilliance. If we need them in the future, they will surely bend to the might of this country, willingly. It goes without saying. Who’s to say that cozying up to dictators, will not come in handy in the future? Never to early to suck up to strongmen, at least I now know, finally.
     Being faced with a pandemic, mere child’s play for this masterful stable genius. To defund the W.H.O. during this global crisis. In a word “Strategic” Not stockpiling PPEs, when we had the chance, IT’S A COST CUTTING FEATURE. I was an idiot. Ignoring the game plan left by the former administration, was smart, I know that now.
    Opening states back up to commerce. I once thought a ridiculous ploy to boost economy at the cost of the health of American citizens, turns out, it’s a great thing. So we lose a few more old folks, or even some young, or the parents of those not as susceptible. It’s a solid plan. 
   Civil unrest, are you kidding me? Protest in all 50 states, protestors in countries all over the globe, they are just wrong. Our President chooses to return to the rallies of old, in Tulsa, although they did change that date from Juneteenth to the 20th, that is some sacrifice by him, and Tulsa as the spot, seems right. (I think it’s located near the middle of the country geographically) Kudos. And also, those disclaimers he has asked attendees to sign, well that’s just smart. Eliminate the risk of lawsuits,  by having people who wish to attend sign away any rights they may enjoy normally for damages or hospital cost they may incur because they got sick at a rally during a pandemic where the virus spread is airborne. It’s a Trump rally for God’s sake, it is our duty to attend.
     So here I am, hat in hand, I was wrong to think anything other than the future of this country is in good hands. I have  confidence in a man who looks an eclipse in the eye, and says, “I don’t see anything?”

I see your sarcasm, and I raise you one.