Tired of the BS….

Ya know, I’m just sick of the BS.
This President has failed often and spectacularly.
If you can’t see the shape this administration has put the country in, you must be living on another planet, or under a friggin’ rock.
I would ask any one who will listen. Did you ever see the magnitude of turmoil this President has heaped upon us? Has anyone in recent history, dominated the the news cycle like Trump? Did you ever, in your entire life, wake up each day to wonder what new horror we would face. Did you ever?
Did you ever think we would have a President who embraced Dictators, the way this President does?
There is no excuse. He has little understanding of history, and apparently he sees foes as cohorts, and allies as the enemy. Really?
You tell me something different. To claim he has been harder on Russia than anyone, Really? He blocked sanctions, he took the word of the former KGB operative, skilled in political subterfuge, over the findings of our own government intelligence agencies. Really?
How much evidence do we need to know this particular individual is an idiot. Propped up first by daddies money, and later by foreign governments that can now manipulate him for their own cause.
Damn, how much evidence do you folks need.
I remember seeing a photo of a Trump rally attendee from several years ago. He wore a t-shirt that said. “I’d rather be a Russian than a Democrat” Really? Well, take your big fat tRump loving ass right on over to Russia, and see how it goes for you.
Geez! Have we lost our collective minds?
Forget his racism, forget his fondness for the White Suprematist, forget endorsements by David Dukes, former head of the KKK, forget Charlottesville, forget his response to the hurricane damage in Puerto Rico, an American Territory, forget his treatment of Gold Star parents, forget his remarks about American hero John McCain, forget his convictions for running a fraudulent Charity, or his settlement for running a fraudulent University and settling to the tune of 25 million, forget his payment to porn stars while married to a women who just gave birth to a young son only months earlier, forget his lewd comments about grabbing females….forget all that if you can. And if you do, you deserve what happens next. Exactly how much evidence do you need to see?              None of this makes a difference to you? If half of it was true, by what ever metric you want to apply, it’s still horrible.
He wants to take away health care for millions, he wants to dismantle Obamacare, the ACA, with no alternative plan. He wants to cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, he wants to (no matter what he says) to deny coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. In the middle of a PANDEMIC!
And, speaking of the pandemic, this is a deadly shit show, that will end up with hundreds of thousands of deaths under the guidance of this administration…..Hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths. With unified protocol, we could have reduced the number of deaths considerably.
If you can forget all this baggage, and it’s a lot. Well bless your heart. We are Fucked.
If you agree, walk, crawl, mail, stagger to the ballot box, and vote. Might be the last chance you get. And I’m not kidding.

Remember these words of wisdom from one of our greatest Presidents…..

PERSON, WOMAN, MAN, CAMERA, TV……..A clearly stable genius, and he’s been tested!

————IT IS WHAT IT IS.——-