There’s A Rumor Going Round…

There’s a rumor going around, that our President, is actually, not too bright.
Those of us who pay attention, may have already figured that out.
    There are so many stories of his BIGLY brain power, being not all it’s cracked up to be.
In his schooling for example, and I’ve commented on this before, he has threatened to sue his former academic entities, one and all, if they release his grade transcripts. Why would a stable genius be afraid to let that info out? One of his professors at Wharton I believe said “That is the dumbest SOB, I have ever had the opportunity to teach”
    He has a bag of tricks, maybe that makes him smart. He has figured out a way to appear intelligent.(though in a very succinct way) There are many antidotal examples. One thing he has developed over the years, while trying to appear knowledgeable is this. When he is to appear before a group of contractors, discussing various aspects of a project they would be involved in. Minutes before the meeting, he would pull the architect aside in private, and ask for specifications on an obscure detail. The more obscure, the better. In one instance, he asked such a question, and the architect explained a detail of the flashing around the windows. With that nugget of info, he strode into the room to address the group. Of course, he started with his usual bravado, how it was the biggest, the best, history has never seen a project like this. Going on with his usual banter, he decided it was time to pull out his “nugget”. First, announcing to everyone, he was a stickler for details. It was very important to him, that every detail must be perfect. Oh, he had them on the line!
Then he set the hook! He said, for instance, that flashing around the windows must be exact to specifications, it’s very important part of this project, and I will checking to make sure all of the work meets my standards. Well, the builders and contractors were amazed. A man so cognitive of the details on this level, must know what he’s talking about.
     There are many more examples, but you get the idea.
     He got the idea that most terrorist, drugs and human trafficking are crossing into the US through a porous border, From A Movie! Traffic.
Never mind that it’s a well established fact, that the vast majority of drugs, and all the other categories, come into the US through the major points of entry (they drive across), the fly on commercial flights, or enter through our ports. Hope to God, he never sees the “Purge” series of movies. Yikes!
     Another one of his favorite ploys is say what ever is on his mind, no matter if it’s factual or not, then “deny he said it, he was misquoted, it was taken out of context.” Then he doubles down. Especially in the company of his tribe at the rallies.
    We all have seen the constantly escalating number of lies and mistruths the Washington Post is keeping a running total on. But that brings me to this.
It’s all been Fun and Games till recently.
     His insistence on promoting medicines that are either untested, not vetted, or have been known to be deadly to some sufferers of the virus is dangerous anytime, but during a Pandemic! Really? He promotes the drug, Faux News promotes the drug, and right wing media personalities promote the drug. Absent from this list, are medical professionals. It also turns out that he and other have a vested interest in promoting this particular drug. Earlier this year, Rudy Giuliani bought 2 million dollars worth of stock of the pharmaceutical manufacturer of the drug, which I won’t promote it by naming it here. But we know what it is.
Not only are limited studies showing it is not effective in treatment of Covid-19, but in many instances, deadly.
    Remember when we started this bit, it was about the President’s rumored lack of intelligence. Well that brings us here. I know we’ve all seen it. We have watched Dr. Birx cringe in disbelief at the questions. Appearing to hope for the power of invisibility or Dr. Fauci and his infamous “Face Palm.” on other occasions.
   Yep, he proposed injecting or consuming disinfectant into the body, to “clean up the infection”, but he didn’t stop there. He then asked if they could look into using powerful light, sunlight or ultraviolet light, either through the skin, by shining a powerful (his favorite adjective) light onto the skin, or perhaps insert an ultraviolet light internally. WTF? (Wonder if he ever heard of UV Rays and why we wear sunscreen?) Yep, we all saw that happen, either live, or repeated during subsequent news programs.
     And that’s where the mining of “nuggets” of info come back into play. Shortly before the notorious “disinfectant” press gaggle, he was shown some of the info to be presented in the accompanying slide show, which was saying things like disinfectants, heat and sun may be effective in slowing down or eliminating this virus…..ON HARD SERVICES!
    So the stable genius confidently walked out on that stage with his nugget of inside info, and after a bit, he unleashed his conflated theory of how to use disinfectant and ultraviolet light to “wash away this virus!” Looking at his advisors sitting to his right, he said something to the effect that they should look into it, because he’s there to present talent, and ideas, because of his, you know big (and points to his head).
Well, if that’s an example of his big brain on full display, I shudder to think what else goes on in the depths of the abyss.
    And the part about it being a sarcastic remark to a reporter, is this mullet flopping on the beach, yet again. We all saw who he addressed the comments to, and it was not a reporter.
   At this point, I think the rumors are true, he’s not too bright, and his ignorance is costing lives.