The Pendulum Swings…

  I have often been told, that a pendulum swings in equal and opposite directions. What we are seeing now, is the pendulum nearing the apex of the arc in it’s swing toward division and unrest. As it swings ever higher, the levels of division and distrust grow proportionately to the height.

   We are seeing some of the worst scenes ever glimpsed on the streets of this country. People are fed up. People want change.

  From the response to the Corona Virus Pandemic, to the ordering of force to be used against the peaceful protestors and the military against American citizens, for a meaningless photo-op, we’ve had enough. The fanning of the flames from the highest office in the land, with retweets of vague conspiracy theories, dredging up racist slogans from the sixties “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”  to the building of walls around the Whitehouse.

  This arc cannot swing upwards anymore.

  The response by the people of this country, black, white, red, and brown, in every state of the union, as well as countries all over the globe indicate that a change IS going to come. We have around five more months till the election.  There is no underestimating the damage that can be done by this administration in that amount of time, and the truly dangerous period between the election and when the new administration takes over on January 21st, but, we must remember that the  pendulum will swing back.

  The voices are too loud, the demand for reform too strong, and the wish for an equal justice for all, has begun to swing back towards a country we can recognize again. We have become a country that no longer stands as a beacon for freedom and diversity. We are no longer trusted to assist the causes of injustice all over the world. The mixed messages to allies have caused reason for distrust, as does the cozying up and pandering to the dictators and autocrats.

    I believe that this four year swing is almost over. We know that what we have now is not right and it surely can’t continue.

    We know there are obstacles in our way. Gerrymandering, voter suppression, elimination of polling places and downright subterfuge, are all intended to stifle the vote, and once again stacking the deck for the current administration.

    Look at Georgia’s latest voting debacle. In a vote that was delayed, given the extra time, they still could not get machines to work properly. Machines were reportedly sent to “the wrong places”, but many voters stood in line for hours. It no longer  seems “odd” that these malfunctions were in predominantly black neighborhoods. It has become the norm.  They stood in the rain, with children in their arms, to vote…despite a pandemic. The desire for change hasn’t been expressed like this since the sixties.

   By now, we know the drill. To accept what this administration has endorsed is unacceptable. If you are tuned to any news source other than Fox or AAON, you know what you are witnessing, and it is wrong. Yep, there is a “faction” out there (sorry to use a big word, for you tRumpers) that believes this is the route our country should take. Forget the equality of men, forget liberty and justice for all, forget the reason we have arrived at this particular junction in time. If you believe the rhetoric being expressed by this administration, you have issues. To hide behind rhetoric that skirts the real issues. Your just another coward. If you believe the white race is superior, don’t hide and take potshots…just stand up and declare your beliefs. I would then challenge these cretans to take a DNA test. 23 and Me for anyone who would deny those of color as “non-equals”. What they WILL find is this. We have all evolved from a common source. Every human on this planet, can trace their roots to Africa. Some are further down the lineage than others, but there will be others that are surprised to find out, that they share the heritage of the millions of black people who were kidnapped and brought to America. Shocking!

I would love to be in the room when the White Suprematist finds out they share a lineage with an African. And By The Way (I usually  abbreviate) Jesus was not white. He was Middle Eastern, the majority of them are……brown. Sorry evangelicals…not sorry!

So here we are, and it’s a lot.

  The pendulum is due to change direction and we must make sure it’s path is not blocked. VOTE, and vote down ballot, flipping the Senate would be instrumental in allowing that swing for real change. It is going to happen, and when it does, you will be asked, what did you do? How will you answer?