The Kid With The Ball….Just got played.

Most of us will a remember that kid. Growing up in the East End of Houston, we weren’t affluent, we knew people who were, but we were proudly Middle Class.

    There was always “that kid”. His family may have been a little more well off than us, but we accepted that.  He was the kind of kid who had a little more, he had some things we weren’t able to afford. We always accepted it, and had no problem with it….until he decided it was his world, because he owned the ball.

    The first time we heard “If you don’t do it my way, “I’m taking my ball and going home!” We said fine. He was no longer an equal, he felt he was above us, and that fact gave him the right to dictate how we should play. We did not like that. In fact we despised his exceptionalism. Such a mild case, but we knew it was wrong. We found our own ball. We rejected his privilege, we knew how people should act, and it was not like this.

    Today, the Supreme Court took away the ball. As it turns out, the President is not immune to investigation, he is not above the law, and he will eventually be held accountable for his crimes.

   Even with his appointees in the court voicing their opinion, they did not bend to his will. They said, take your ball and go home. They said, we are instruments of the law. We stand for the rule of law…and you are not immune, Mr. President.

   Then, after declarations by the President and the Vice President to open up the country and get our children back to school. We see the CDC did not cow-tow to this President. They actually said, “We will not change our recommendations for opening schools. We stand by our guidelines!”

   The Whitehouse has replied, we will offer our own guidelines.

    Who do you trust. The administration that threatens withholding funds schools if they don’t follow his guidelines,( he will take his ball and go home) or the health care professionals, who know who really owns the ball,….and it is you.

   Yep, you currently own the ball. But, we don’t need that ball to carry on, we will find a way to continue…..without you.

  Vote this walking disaster out. Another four years will destroy the America we love.

   Vote, it is important now, more than ever.