People Use Your Head

I seem to write this stuff over and over (and as the saying goes) expect a different out come. At some point, it seems that the Presidents’ supporters would want to be assured, that this man is the right guy to lead this country. After all, he’s had more than a few failures.

* Doesn’t it bother anyone that he went bankrupt…6 times.

* He has been involved in over 4900 lawsuits.

*. While boasting of his superior brain, answers “I don’t recall” or “I don’t     remember” in every deposition available for viewing on YouTube.

* No one questions that he lost money, went bankrupt, stiffed the contractors that built his Casinos? CASINOS…..The most one sided industry on the planet. Really?

* What about dealing with all his problems through Lawyers and Loopholes in the law. It seems odd that this man NEVER approaches a problem through normal channels. He always looks for the loophole he can take advantage of, he always proceeds with a project by hook or by crook, Damn the law, Damn the rules, to hell with fairness, that doesn’t give you some pause. It would be different if his track record was stellar, but it isn’t.

* Doesn’t bother supporters, that a man who has no foreign policy experience, continuously overrides his advisors, while seeking guidance from our biggest adversary..Russia. Your OK with that?

* Was identified by the IRS, as the individual who lost the most money of any individual over a ten year period.

* Do you ever wonder why he won’t show his grade transcripts, and has actually threatened all his academic associations with law suits if they should reveal them.

* Aren’t you curious why he has lied a documented almost 14,000 times since taking office.

* You folks OK with him abusing the Emoluments Clause, and enriching himself through his position.
* And additionally, what’s up with his failure to show his taxes.
You couldn’t do that. And you certainly can show your tax returns, even while being audited…but you already knew that.
*While you want to support your President, how do you feel about the
 Constitution, and the equal, but separate branches of Government and his total disregard for the system of checks and balances provided within. We base our entire form of government on it.
* Do you ever imagine that a Democratic President might follow Trumps lead, and just ignore the law.
* Of course there are the well known affairs, and the coverup
payments ( not good to be a personal attorney for this man)
* Then there are the frauds (facts available about settlements)
Trump University’s a prime example (25 M settlement to the people he scammed), but there are so many more, remember the 4900 + lawsuits he’s been involved in. This is the guy you want to run the country?
* What about the “Big” stuff?…….
* ordering the withdrawal of our military located in South Korea and the cease of military exercises in the area( thank god our military leaders ignored that).
As it turns out, Kim, never had any intention of denuclearization.
* What about pausing enactment of sanctions on the Russian?
* What about claims that NATO needs to pony up more. In fact,
many members are doing their part, the amount paid is figured
by a percentage of their military budget. We have a huge
economy so, we naturally pay more.
That’s definitely not a reason to disband the only buffer we
have between European Countries and Expansion minded Russia…..wait a minute……?
* How about boldly saying, “I said I was bringing back our
troops from endless wars” but he didn’t. He moved some
out, but simply moved the rest to protect the oil fields.
In Syria. Then increased troops in Saudi Arabia.
Leaving the Kurds, the allies that helped us eliminate ISIS, to
be slaughtered. After seeking council with, you guessed it
Putin. Dictator of Turkey, Erdogan, got what he wanted
(removal of the Kurds), Assad, Syria’s dictator, got what he
wanted(again purging the Kurds), and Putin got what he
wanted, a bigger presence in the Middle East.
Try to guess who got NOTHING, Yep, the great deal maker.
* And of course Ukraine, (No matter how many times he says it,
CALL WAS NOT PERFECT!) it’s getting him impeached.
* Now on the domestic front.
* Caging children comes to mind. Separating families, simply as a
deterrent to immigrants fleeing horrible conditions.
* What about his big promise of “Building a beautiful, Great Wall,
to be paid for by Mexico” we’ll so far, there has been work
On approximately 70 miles of border, problem is, it’s
mostly repairs to existing fencing and levies. Mexico paying, not so much. His prediction now is the completion of 300 miles of “new” wall by 2020.
But there is yet another problem. In order to do this, he is
insisting on using Eminent Domain statues. Well, you might say
“What’s wrong with that?” Think of it this way. Let’s say the
Government wants to put a frivolous trolley car, running
directly thru your property. You say, a trolley won’t help
the traffic situation, we already have busses, and trains.
Besides, my family has been on this property over 100 yrs.
Doesn’t matter, you got to go. Oh, but you ask, what do I get
as compensation? Well, the government also sets that rate,
and trust me, you will not be pleased. Never mind that the
contracts already awarded for wall construction are being scrutinized by watchdog agencies. Once a cheater, looks like, always a cheater.
* You heard “Trade Wars are easy to win”. First, why not ask the
farmers about that. Trade Wars are code for TARIFFS
Why don’t you ask manufacturers, who actually bear the
increased cost to them, if they’re honest, they will tell you the
increases to their cost are passed on to you! Many call it the
“Trump Tax” but China is certainly not paying the increased
tariff cost into a little piggy bank set up to collect those
increases. There is a trade deficit, but it simply means we buy
more from a country than they buy from us. The difference
is not a huge pile of money they are receiving because we buy
more goods from them. We just buy more stuff. Some countries
manufacture more efficiently, some countries have more gas,
Some countries have more agriculture, there are difference in
all countries’ industry, it’s a world market, and instead of making rash decisions about how you think the world works, why not
listen to advisors and people who study world economies.
But that would mean Trump would have to listen, and more
importantly LEARN. Apparently, his big brain needs no help.
* Coal jobs coming back? NOPE!
* Steel jobs coming back? NOPE!
* Manufacturing jobs coming back? NOPE!
* Hourly wages increased? NOPE!
* Taxes up for the middle class? YEP!
* Country most divided since the Civil War? YEP!
* Affordable Care Act benefits being cut back
with no alternative in mind. YEP! Easy to say Republican plan
will be cheap and beneficial for everyone, let’s see the plan.
* Any election interference safeguards enacted? NOPE!
Then there’s the fact that hate crimes are UP, domestic terrorism
UP, mass shooting UP……His rhetoric has a lot to do with it.
So what’s left?….. Oh yes “The Economy”…..well, you would be right
on a certain level. But you must know this, the Economy is clipping
along at the same pace as it did under President Obama. While
you FAIL to recognize that Obama was handed an economy that was deeply in the tank. Through the efforts of the former President, we came

out it. But, you are QUICK to give credit to a President who was handed an economy that was on a steady climb and in extremely good shape. Yes, it has continued as indicated by the stock market,but that is not the only benchmark for a good economy.

There are indicators already mentioned above.
When you give corporations and the wealthy, huge tax cuts
(include Trump in that group) the market will thrive. But what
about the rest of the country? Those that don’t hold stocks, or have an IRA, what about those folks?
So, this is the capable hands you trust your well being to?
You don’t feel the least bit uneasy?
Wish someone would tell me exactly why they follow this guy.
If I’m being honest, I think I can figure it out. To me it seems that
there are only a few things that you actually agree with from
this President. So you have chosen to disregard all his flaws and
amoral actions, all his missteps globally, and domestically, to have a champion for your narrow view of the American way. Up to now we have been a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. A country run Democratically, (don’t panic, Democratically does not mean by Democrats,  it means by the majority) if you let this action continue, you will see a very different form of government and that club of strongmen and dictators will increase by one.
  My next article will say what most Republicans won’t openly