On Election Day

On Election Day,

    *200,000 people will have died from Covid-19

    *Nearly 6 million will have been infected.

    *New filings for unemployment will near 60 million

    *The Post Office will have been crippled, by his own admission, to deny an election  that is fair and safe for all.

     *College sports will be decimated by the pandemic.

     * And we will be subjected to another ACTUAL WITCH-HUNT, when he declares the nominated VP candidate, to not be American.


Just a question. Does he believe every person of color was born in another country?

Or, is that just his racist knee-jerk reaction? Doesn’t matter, that’s tRump, and

he has proved himself to be ignorant, easily persuaded and a dangerous man because of those traits.

    Last question, does this track record deserve another 4 years? That’s rhetorical.