Oh How We Laughed___

Yep, we chuckled as he ran. His lumbering presence on the debate stage, was comical. His answers to questions were absurd.

  As the race narrowed, we still thought “this buffoon could never hold the highest office in the land”.

  To be honest, even HE didn’t think he would win, his family had written their concession speeches, …..but he did win.

   As it turned out, it was the perfect storm. The opposing candidate wasn’t liked. Would go so far as to say, she was hated by a certain faction of this country. But never did I or anyone else conceive of the notion, that a totally unqualified candidate, with no experience in government, and a history of defaults in business, shady dealings, ties to the Russians, 119 business concerns in Turkey, who would rely on advice from our biggest adversary, over the council of our intelligence community, would ever be elected. It couldn’t happen. But it did.

   Once in office, I remember thinking, we have checks and balances. So, I wasn’t that concerned. Man, was I wrong.

   When somebody has NO scruples, NONE,..all bets are off.

   We will have to enact legislation in the future to curb this type of action. We knew we had the Senate and House in place to provide the necessary checks to power. Well, that doesn’t work with a corrupt, or at the very least compromised, Senate. Every  check to power is routed thru the Senate.

   You would think, that elected officials would stand up to atrocities by the President, but sadly ….no.

   I think we have learned a lot. There are not three separate but equal powers. In fact, there are two branches. The Senate and the Executive, as one,…then the Judicial.

   That turns out to be a dangerous ratio.

    So we’re not laughing now. It’s not funny in the least.

    The world looks at us as a has-been Democratic failure.

     They see the leader of the free world as simply a puppet for manipulative strongmen to capitalize on. And they do it easily.

   Fawn over the President, HE’S IN YOUR POCKET! Tell him what he wants to hear, you just got your fondest wish granted. What they have learned is this.  Tell this man he is doing something GREAT, well,  you own his world.

   So we don’t chuckle anymore. We don’t even smile as he lies about things we know are not true. We are appalled because we know the damage he is doing.

    Every decision he makes, is based on how it effects him, his reelection efforts, or his personal finances.

   We not only don’t laugh at his foibles anymore, we recoil in horror.

    His actions have cost lives world wide, his ignorance has cost lives within the boundaries of our country, and so much of it was, and is, avoidable.

    To the 33% percent of the country that stands behind this President, what do you need to see?

   We are less secure, due to the virus we are dying in mass, he’s forsaken the military, conversely he has ordered the military attack peaceful protestors, he refuses to encourage simple actions that would save thousands of lives, and he is standing with the people who support and oppose the removal of all signs of the reminder that, at some point, people committed treason against this country, they fought to OWN people, they decided it was more important to support slavery, than to belong to a union. They committed treason against this country. They should be immortalized?

   To support this President is to support racism. It is clear.

Heritage? Treasonist actions should be applauded today?

    Statues to traitors to this country…should be removed, only after we make these concessions and acknowledge the destruction and treasonist acts, will we begin to heal. We ain’t there yet.

  So most of us aren’t laughing now. In fact, we are mourning, in fact we are crying, and in fact, we are burying loved ones, and the blame squarely falls on the stooping shoulders of Donald J Trump, big makeup wearing, comb-over sporting atrocity of a hair-do, virus denying, Putin loving, draft dodging, climate change denying, tariff imposing, needless wall building, children caging, family separating, racist commenting, Charlottesville condoning, golf playing, self  aggrandizing, norm busting, and science denying person who has ever been in charge of the greatest country on Earth.

   This is the sword 33% of you are willing to fall on?

   And we laughed and laughed till we were forced to speak a foreign language. (I project)

   Then it got real…..We better vote, it’s the only resolve we have. Take away polling places, fine, we’ll stand in line, gerrymander our districts, we will still find a way to make our vote known, and deny mail-in votes, says more about republicans wish to stifle the vote, considering the President and his family “Vote By Mail”, the Vice-President and his family, “Vote By Mail” what exactly is the problem?

  Good enough for the President…not good enough for the rest of us.

    Don’t think we can usher a smile, much less a chuckle, and once upon a time we laughed. We are not laughing anymore.


    The worst we could have imagined in a democracy, has happened.