Now He’s Gassing Everyone…

Well Now He’s Gasses Everyone…

Last night, 7/21/20, Trumps goons gassed the wall of moms. The “Moms” were supported by the “Dads” who brought in their lethal…leaf blowers. Kudos to the Dads for thinking outside the box. Let’s blow away the gas. The Moms appreciated the few extra minutes the got to stand in solidarity. Yep, the Dads and Moms banded together against the Secret Federal Police, to eek out a few more minutes of protection for their sons and daughters.

    Of course, they were outnumbered and they eventually succumbed. Great job Mr. President. You have turned military forces..on Moms and Dads. How proud you must be.

  Of course, we can expect no more from a man who wishes a Sex Traffic recruiter recently arrested with this statement, “I wish her well” REALLY?

    Guess she’s gonna get the “Roger Stone Treatment”

   Jesus Christ! How much bad do you need to see from this President before you throw  up a little (or a lot) in your mouth.

   This guys a monster. Rolling back regulations that protect citizens, is to be cheered. Caging children, a policy you like? Separating families, are you sick? Directing monies thru his actions into his own pocket during his entire Presidency…you are OK with that?

    As anyone whose read this far knows, he has done many more illegal, dangerous, and detrimental actions to the citizens he is supposed to govern for.

   I recently read an op-Ed from 1989. It said, “Donald Trump was one of the most respected men in America” I do not have the time to explain how twisted that is, but what I can tell you that it was all based on falsehoods. It’s documented if you choose to research, but Damn. Big fraud, con-man, for his entire life.

   I can only say this. If you follow Donald Trump, you apparently have no idea of the deceptive life this man has led. Got his money from Dad, got his morals from Dad, snuffed out his compassion and empathy genes, because of his childhood treatment.

   So, while you may feel sorry for him on that level, do not mistake the silver spoon in his mouth as a detriment. He was a millionaire by the age of 8 due to misdirected trust funds. That silver spoon, was less a spoon, as much as it was a shovel for deceit and theft and his real education in tax fraud and scamming.

   My only wish is this. While I will never change anyone’s mind about Trump,I will continue to hope that the majority of the citizens of this country will vote. If we have to crawl through broken glass to vote, we should, and will. Although the President , Vice President and family of both, vote by mail, he does not want the rest of us to be able to do so.

    So, it’s going to take numbers, huge numbers, to create a decisive decision in the upcoming vote. A small majority will be challenged. If the vote is close, he will claim fraud, but, huge numbers in the popular vote, will negate the electoral college count, if they too show he lost.

   Yes, he will have an out if he wins the electoral, but imagine if he loses the popular by more than the last margin by Hillary of 3 million. What if we respond with a vote with a 10, 20 million vote majority? I see no way he can argue.

   So while I rant, and pitch in my 2 cents, it is obvious to me, we are in deep shit.

   We have finally installed a corrupt to the core, individual. Followers, when you know he’s corrupt, what makes you think he will not turn on you. He has turned on every individual that has ever voiced an opinion that does  not coincide with his warped view of the world.

   My hyperbole about the end of Democracy sounds dire. But, when you gas peaceful protestors for a photo op, when you send in Federal unmarked police into our cities, when bend every rule we have held up as hallmarks in democracy. We are fucking worried.

   I can not express enough. Folks who have formed a cult like adherence to the Trump doctrine, are being mislead. I would ask you to check your tax returns. I know for the first time in many years, I paid additional taxes the year after his tax cuts for the rich. Think of it, never paid additional taxes my entire life, that changed in 2017. All due to the tax breaks for the rich. The money to run the country has to come from somewhere. There are only so many tax dollars.

   When you cut the tax rate for big business and the rich, we have got to make it up somewhere.

    They have said Social Security funds will run out soon, really, that is a fund we paid into, our entire working lives. Medicare funding being attacked, Medicaid funds being diverted. Cuts to safety net programs….yep, cut. Are you followers so wealthy you don’t need a safety net? How bout your parents? How bout your children?

  On every level this President has failed you, he has failed all of us.

  Americans are dying needlessly because of his mishandling of the pandemic. You can slice it anyway you want, we are needlessly suffering exponentially by the actions of the President of the United States.