News Flash…

This just in….We are opening schools in the fall. It does not matter that the virus is spiking in 32 states. We want to open up, we want your kids in school, and we really don’t care how you feel about it. Teachers…we have a slogan, “Just live with it!” You should find comfort in the knowledge that we are shelving the latest CDC guidelines for opening schools. We will be issuing guidelines that are not as strict or as expensive as the ones recently proposed. And really, isn’t it about the money?

   So what we are saying is this. Kids are going back to school! Sure teachers may be compromised and exposed to the virus, but that is beside the point. And yes, faculty, janitorial service members, lunch ladies, and other members of the educational system may be exposed, but really? Is that more important than the education of our children?

    We at the White House believe, that sending our children back to an enclosed classroom, and have them return home to mom, dad, grandpa and grandma, is a solid plan.

   The President has declared it…WE WILL OPEN SCHOOLS IN THE FALL!

   So, buckle up, be prepared to sacrifice, it’s all in the name of the economy. After all, isn’t that the most important thing we should be focused on.

               JUST LIVE WITH IT!

This has been a public service reminder from your friendly, compassionat, Government!