Man Do I love List….

There are tons of small, insignificant details, surrounding us, that make us feel uneasy. Yep, we get that creepy feeling almost daily. You know, that creepy feeing, when you think your being watched. Or, that feeling that one of you co-workers is a little too friendly. Man, that’s funky.
Well I got that feeling now. I know something’s wrong, I have a pretty good idea of what it is, but, it seems like only a part of the country sees it.
I admittedly have railed against this administration and I’m pretty sure I know right from wrong. What gives me the “creepy” feeling, is this, there are people who don’t see it.
Maybe this time, a list isn’t necessary….just some talk.
Followers can apparently see no wrong. It’s disturbing. The bad actions we have seen over the last 3+ years, are so evident, I cannot see how they have been missed.
When my friends read this, they will say, there he goes again. He says the things we believe, but DAMN, give it a rest. Well, I won’t.
The actions by this President are so flawed, they can’t be ignored. They have cost the lives of allies that helped us curtail ISIS. They have enabled the Iran nuclear treaty to be dissolved, leaving us with NO checks to their programs.
His “Love letters” from Kim, are little solace to the escalation by N. Korea of their nuclear program.
His dismissal of Russian influence in his initial election, and his denial of current interference by Russia in the upcoming election, denying all intelligence reports to the contrary, are disturbing.
We can look at altered weather maps.
We can look at reports by him, of hordes of invaders coming from the south, when in reality, it’s the normal amount of people fleeing gangs and drug cartels from Central America.
So, build a wall. Yep. That’s his solution….Won’t help. The wall proposed by Donald Trump, is just a fiction pertaining to stopping immigration.
The very small portion of wall erected by Trump, blew over with a slight breeze into Mexico (which, BTW, is not paying for). His campaign promise of the wall was stupid to begin with, and ineffective at best. Stolen funds from both the Military and other agencies are trying to “pad out” the financing of this wall since Congress will not approve this total waste of “tax payers” money. That’s your money, that’s what your income tax is paying for. A 14th century solution, for a 21st century problem.
He has hitched his star to the economy. I know you won’t believe this but, there was once a Republican President that decided not to enforce deterrents on the Mortgage Industry, he did not impose sanctions on Wall St. or even govern their guidelines. Trump has resorted to this same lack of oversight and rollbacks of regulations, could it be he has a motive?
Banks were left to their own devices. Do Sub-Prime mortgages ring a bell. Then it happened. A collapse. The end of the Bush administration (to remind you, he was a Republican) ushered in one of the biggest recession since the depression.
Then, a democratic candidate was subsequently elected.
HE, inherited the problems of the previous President, and the position he left the country in.
So, you may RECOIL from the election of a black President, that should say something about you, but, remember this, he brought us out of that disaster. No matter what else you might say, by 2009, we started to recover. The recovery was hard, it was time consuming, but it happened. From 2009, till the present day, we have been in economic recovery. Donald Trump did not facilitate this, he simply enjoyed the fruits of labor by the preceding administration. So, when he claims credit for this growth, perhaps you should look at the record of growth, and the situation he was handed.
He has instinctually taken talking points from 2008, blaming the previous administration for his problems, but his situation while taking the reigns was quite different.
But that’s the way he rolls. Take credit for something you didn’t do, and deny any issue that you in fact are responsible for.
So here’s where we find ourselves.
The current situation, even in it’s earliest stage is being mismanaged.
Assigning Mike Pence, the notorious science denier as the point man in this crisis, is just a disaster in the making. (Check his record in Indiana)
Now, true to form, this pResident is calling this health crisis a “Hoax”, really? People are dying, people will continue to die under this administration’s handling of the problem.
It’s all fun and games when he only hurts citizens who “don’t actually count” those ones whose voice is faint. Farmers, coal miners, Medicare recipients, Medicaid enrollees, food stamp recipients, predatory student loan recipients, anyone not in a position to have an effect directly on this President’s rule. But now his decisions are causing illness and most probably multiple deaths for Americans.
Sure, he talks a big game to all of you, but, what has he done? Again, watch what he does, not what he says.
It is apparent, that the convoluted way he is handling this crisis is exactly the way he is running this country. Slipshod, from the hip, Damn the torpedoes, trust my big brain, with no outside influence to guide him, he is hell bent on the destruction of the country. (Google: Narcissism) he’s a clinical study.
When the voters who don’t see what’s happening now, finally do…I’m afraid it will be too late. You don’t know your being conned, till the con man is gone.
The same miracle that will eliminate the Coronavirus, is the same one that by the grace of God, will eliminate this Presidency. VOTE! It’s kind of important!

*** And lastly. There are people out there that believe the earth is FLAT. There are people out there that believe the Earth Is HOLLOW, there are still people who believe we never went to the moon, there are those, despite being able to predict the path and observe the ISS, don’t believe we have a space station orbiting the Earth, and there are people who believe geographic formations, like Devils Tower (as featured in Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind) and mountains, are actually the remains of giant trees that a race of giants harvested thousands of years ago.
YEP, THOSE ARE A “THING” So I’m not surprised that there is a faction of people who believe that an overweight, makeup wearing, comb over sporting, born with a silver spoon in their mouth, non-reading illiterate, lying, bankruptcy collector, wife cheater, who is subservient to dictators, would be the best man to run their country and their lives.
Go figure.