It looks Like Common Sense Is Lost……

I see Trump supporters everyday, overlook any, and everything this President does.

I used to struggle with the idea, that these people are simply only exposed to Fox News info, or OAN. But now, with the way things are turning. It would seem obvious to almost everyone, this is a flawed and incompetent human.

  To support a man who’s biggest claim to fame is as a TV personality, seems odd. His claims in other endeavors surely must be an indicator to his actual skill. The recent revelations reveal he received over 400 million in salary, and untold millions in endorsements, from his TV time, which by all accounts, is  now nearly depleted.

   He has filed for bankruptcy 6 times. So much for that great “business sense”.

   In a ten year period in the 80’s and 90’s he lost more money than any other individual in the USA.

   He now stands as the proud holder of over 420 million in debt to mature in the next 2 years.

   He’s been accused by at least 20 women of sexual improprieties.

   His charities have been ordered to repay thousands in restitution for using funds collected through the charity, as his own personal piggy bank, and he is never allowed(nor anyone in his family) to operate a Charity for a period of ten years.

  He’s been ordered to pay restitution to the tune of 25 million dollars for his fake , University. The victims are people who believed in him enough to spend up to $35, 000 to learn from the master. Not only did they not learn, they were robbed. He never showed.

  He has tried pyramid schemes for vitamins. (Using urine samples to diagnose your malady)

  He has slapped his name on meat purchased locally, and marketed as Premium Choice, and sold frozen in an electronics store. Does that sound right to you?

He has hawked cheap vodka, water, & wine as “the best”, nobody bought any of the drinkable swill.

   He has cheated on every wife he has had.

  His Casinos failed,

  His Airline failed.

  His books were written by others.

  He has been involved in over 4900 lawsuits in his career, and nearly 300 since being in office.

  His refusal to denounce White Supremacy, Neo-Nazis, and other domestic terrorist groups, should speak volumes. Yep, I know he has skirted around the issue, and kind-of denounced them, but you won’t hear him, unless absolutely forced by public opinion, to say it plainly.

And there’s his love for dictators. What’s up with that? (I think 62% of us know).

And I can’t leave out the sage advice he offered to the Northwestern states, rake those forest floors. (BTW, the majority of the burning lands, are, FEDERAL lands!)

Those are just the obvious things most people have heard about.

  Can you imagine, what we do not know?

   His taxes paid have recently been shown to be non-existent for more than 2/3’s of the years reported on. (over 20)

   The audit he claims as an excuse for not showing the tax returns, is not a simple audit you and I might think of. In fact, even while under a “normal” audit, he can show his taxes. When he refers to “The Audit” he is talking about an IRS investigation, that questions a tax refund of 72 million dollars he received some years ago, that are now under government scrutiny as of this writing. The IRS believes that massive refund was illegally justified, and they are investigating the legality of it. A 72 million dollar refund!

  Then we see the reality of a man incapable of admitting mistakes, who in fact doubles down on his “hunches” as every qualified doctor and scientist begs to differ.

200, 000 deaths and counting, cannot be overlooked. He has denied the science, and people died needlessly. And now, it has come back to haunt him, as most of us knew it would. With all the precautions he continuously spoke of, it still got him. If you don’t follow the medical guidelines, bad things happen, and that’s what we are experiencing today.

   Send kids back to school? (His own son, is taking classes from home). Open up businesses? Maybe not the best idea.

   A real leader, concerned with the well being of his citizens, should probably worry about containing the virus, get the number of infected down, and certainly the number of deaths at a minimum, then we open back up. First things first.

   For Pete’s sake, is the inconvenience of wearing a mask worth more than your life. More than likely, he will recover, but understand this, he received immediate treatment with the top medical staff available and access to the latest medications that have shown any promise of reducing symptoms. You will not be afforded the same treatment should you fall ill.

   And I can tell you, when he survives, he will say, “See, I told  you it was like a cold, look at me, I’m 74 and I recovered”. He will undoubtedly leave out the part about the intense treatment he was granted as the President of the United States.

   But what will happen is this, someone in his circle, or someone who was exposed to the virus by him or his staff at a fund raiser or ceremony, will die needlessly because he refused to wear or endorse the wearing of a simple mask, will he acknowledge them? Guess we’re about to find out.

And to come full circle, what great leader, knowing all we now know, are you following? His divisive nature is not strength, it’s his only weapon. His demeaning of war hero’s is appealing to you. To call women reporters(or women in general) “nasty” when he doesn’t like their question or attitude. His disgusting demeanor is not a sign of strength, it is the ultimate sign of weakness in a human.

   This is the leader you have hitched your proverbial wagon to?