Is it a “Phenomenon”, a “Tribe”, or a “Cult”?

When I first moved to Georgia in 1980, I landed in the middle of a phenomena called “Add- a-Bead” People were locked into mortal combat over who could possess the most, the latest, and be first to achieve that.

   I thought to myself during the craze,…this is nuts. It must be a Georgia thing? Well, the fad lasted more than a little while.

   Latter, Cabbage Patch Dolls became the,  fad -de-jour, another mystery for me. People were actually “adopting dolls” there were birth certificates, adoption all.

   Later, other unexplainable fads emerged, “Tickle Me Elmo” comes to mind. Pokémon was a craze. Much later Pokémon Go. These silly waves of fandom had little to no explanation as to why they were special to the masses. They just were.

   As I thought about it over the years, I came to the realization, that it must be the feeling of belonging to “something”. Yep, pretty sure that’s it. Silly things, gained importance and meaning. Everybody wants to belong.

   It must be the feeling of belonging to something, to be part of a movement, to find a group of like minded people who stood in solidarity no matter what.

  And that brings us to our current situation….

   Recently, folks found a public figure who spoke to them. The rhetoric coincided with the things they had secretly, (or not so secretly) thought all along. They finally had their champion.

  As unexplainable as all the fads that have come before, we are now in the middle of the latest craze. Unfortunately for us, this one has consequences.

   Is it  tribal alignments, or cult allegiance, team mentality, or simply the need to belong to something bigger than themselves?

   I don’t know.

   As all the previous fads have died out, they left a small stain on the consciousness of the American people. The trace of their existence is there, but only as a vague reminder of past infatuations….

    They did not cause death, they did not cause physical or financial hardships, they caused no more harm than the fleeting loss you may feel when you didn’t get the “latest” troll doll.

  But, this particular craze is not like those that came before. It is serious.

  I’ve said many times over the last almost four years, this is something we have not seen before.

   Rather than enumerate the many foibles of this President. I will only say, on the surface, this looks like yet another fad, craze, or phenomenon. A certain faction of the American people seem to have lost their way and chosen to embrace this latest craze. They seem to have forgotten why we have been admired as a nation for so long. We were welcoming, we were inclusive, and our Constitution guaranteed equal rights for everyone. Somewhere along the way, we lost our true North.

   The  tribal mentality has raised it’s ugly head, and those involved, have ignored what we once stood for, and it is sad.

   I don’t believe this infatuation can be ignored. This is not “add-a-bead” this is not “cabbage patch dolls” or any other fads that passes without harm.

    We need to stand up, we need to speak up, and we need to VOTE.