In The Month of September….

We saw some shit. That may be putting it mildly.

We all know the Russians interfered with the last election, and every intelligence agency says, they are interfering now….in this election.

   First, we were exposed to the revelations that the President does not care about the military. Well, at least not the DEAD military, or the disfigured military. Nope, they were suckers and losers. Why the hell would they volunteer to protect this country’s interest, if there was nothing in it for them? What possible motive could they have?

   Well, if you ask me (as indicated by Trump) they were “Losers and Suckers.

   In fact those that lost their lives, obviously were inferior people. He said, referring to people who were captured, “I like people who were not captured”.

     While war presents many problems, the loss of life should be most paramount in it’s consideration. The dismissal of lives lost appears callous when spoken by the President.

    Well, while the preceding text is inexcusable, it has happened.

   Then, in the same 2 or 3 week period, we find out about the “VIRUS”

   We have watched as the President downplayed the pandemic.

   We had our suspicions, but we didn’t have the data.

   Data was scarce. It was disseminated piece meal.  Little drips and drabs, accompanied by a huge portion of bullshit. In fact, we now know, the President actually knew the danger, and lied. Thousands died needlessly.

September sucked for the President. How strong is his bullshit, exactly?

Supporters swallow anything? If he said the Loch Ness Monster is real. Would you believe him?

What about Bigfoot? Trump says it’s so, so it’s real?

  To apply that logic to everything seems reckless for a supporter.

  Just to reiterate. He knew the virus was deadly, airborne, and affected children, but denied those very things.

   Just imagine, that logic is applied to all the nations current problems.

   As with the above examples, you need to try to understand, that some things are simply not true. They may be believed by a certain portion of the population, but they are still untrue.

   While the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, and various other outlets, air programs about mythical monsters, they have never produced any PROOF.

  (Funniest quote I ever heard on one of those programs, “Aren’t we the best at almost finding monsters?”)

So, while there are theories, and there are opinions, we only believe in truth.

    When you hear the President, on tape, in his own words, say disparaging things that prove his true feelings, there is no amount of spin that should change your mind about

what you have heard with your own ears.

   I will not give supporters an “Out”. You have been conned. You will feel the the sting in your pocketbook. You will feel it in the dismissal of Freedoms you have known for years. Farmers have been misled, the trade war has failed, he coddles Dictators, he absolutely does not care about the citizens of the United States. And if you think otherwise, see above.

    I have no idea why, at this stage in the game, after nearly 4 years, how anyone cannot see what’s happening. He is dismantling everything we have fought to preserve. Shattered norms, broken rules, and to hell with the law,…..I have lawyers.

    Trumpers will not be swayed by any argument, and that is sad. But, the rest of us need to vote, and vote in big unprecedented numbers.