How Much Does It Take…

My big question of late is this. How many wrong, or bad decisions does it take to finally be enough to concern a tRump supporter. There are so many examples, I cannot help but believe that at some point, people would say, ENOUGH.
We start with the inauguration speech. He said, “I will be a President for all.” OK. “I will end this American carnage”. Huh, American carnage? He inherited an economy that was growing, unemployment going down, a steady market, and that’s what he stepped into.
*He famously sent his press secretary out to exalt his crowd size in an obvious lie, we all saw the crowd size. He later claimed, “Miraculously, the rain stopped during my speech, the sun came out, as I walked away, it started raining.”uh, raincoats, umbrellas, and rain, visible to everyone, during the speech.
*Photographic evidence shows, as he sat in the crowd behind the President, Mike Flynn was seen speaking to the Russians telling them “the fix is in” sanctions…smanctions. That was his now convicted National Security Advisor.
*He repeated some of the crowd size mistruths at his speech at CIA headquarters, as well as some very unsavory remarks while standing in front of the wall of Stars of fallen officers. (Also claimed he was a HUGE believer in the intelligence agencies.) Right.
*It would be hard to list every faux pas (mistakes he’s made) in one sitting, but again, my question is, how many bad decisions does it take for people to finally see what an absolute bad leader he is……
*Stands in front of a portrait of Stonewall Jackson, as he speaks to leaders from the Native American community. To remind you, Jackson was undeniably that man who orchestrated the systematic extermination of hundreds of thousands of Native Americans. To throw a little more salt on the wound, he mentioned his pet name for Elizebeth Warren “Pocahontas” as a slur. Nice one.
*His tepid response to the Charlottesville’s march by white nationalist and neo-nazis that resulted in the death of a protestor, and famously said “there were fine people on both sides” Really, equate neo-nazis and white nationalist to those who protest their message and ideology.
*Travel bans imposed on a certain religious sect. Not very American. I seem to recall that very early on in our history, many people arrived in this country to escape religious persecution. It was kind of our “thing”.
*His decision to build a wall. Oooo, a big scary wall, to paraphrase what a former Texas Governor once said, The only thing a wall Is good for, is the ladder industry. I assume that since the remark was accredited to Rick Perry, he simply forgot to include the manufactures of shovels. Mexico, we’re still waiting for that payment, (but until then, we’ll just take money from the military and things like FEMA)
*What this President cannot grasp is this. The large number of people who are crossing the southern border are, by all accounts, fleeing crime, gangs, and simply searching for a better life. We may indeed need to revamp our immigration policy, but you don’t disregard the law and cage children and separate families as a deterrent. It’s a cruel and inhumane practice. We know that most terrorist arrive by air into the country, most drugs come across established points of entry hidden in cavities of trucks and cars.
*Then there’s his condolence “style?” Families of fallen soldiers have little to take solace from after a call from the Commander and Chief.
*Speaking Ill of a deceased war hero. Who does that? Never mind.
*His mistaken idea of how tariffs work. Apparently he believes the countries he has enforced tariffs on, actually pay those fees(taxes) to some giant piggy bank. As I’ve explained many times, eventually, the consumer pays those increased cost.
*due to his actions, deficit at an all time high.
*Longest government shutdown in history.
*His non-understanding of the role of NATO and the protections they supply in Europe and elsewhere.
*His affection for dictators. North Korea, still building their nuclear arsenal and ballistic missiles. He actually didn’t accomplish anything with the “love letter” diplomacy.
*Removing us from the Iran treaty. We now have no apparatus to hold Iran in check.
*Abandoning our Kurdish allies, leaving them fleeing their homes and businesses at best and being slaughtered as they flee at worst. These people fought with us and were largely responsible for eliminating ISIS, and were in charge of manning the confinement facilities. It’s exactly what Erdogan wanted, exactly what Assad wanted, and exactly what Putin wanted. The only one who received nothing from that decision was the US. (unless you count shame, and distrust from any current or future ally).
There are also other domestic issues. Some of these should frighten even the most ardent supporters.
*Of course, he was impeached. Even though not convicted, his actions throughout the process, should alarm everyone. No witnesses, no documents, tying up any hope of either in frivolous law suits. Not sincerely brought as a point of contention, but simply a delaying tact to draw it out as illustrated by his conduct over the last 40 years. It’s the way he handles every dispute, through the court system, tie it up for years and try to outlast those with lesser means to finally give up.
*People should see this kind of action as extremely dangerous. It has led to his announcement that he has “absolute power” to do almost anything. Meaning, he is above the law. Even the most fervent supporter should see this as dangerous. When we no longer have the rule of law to follow, it’s a short step off a tall cliff to the Dictatorship that lies below.
*Then encouraging “his “ attorney general to interfere with line prosecutors’ sentencing guidelines (although he cowardly does it through tweets) for his associates (friends). We have never seen that. Over 2000 signatures from retired DOJ employees asking for the resignation of Bill Barr. These include Republicans and Democrats.
BTW, the Attorney General upholds and enforces the law for the people. Not the President.
**Then there’s my list, I always seem to have list.**
*Failure to show taxes.
*Racking up 6 bankruptcies.
* Eliminating protections for endangered species.
* Recently said “George Washington should have put his name on more stuff, he may be remembered more.” I guess speaking from the city named after Washington, having a giant obelisk bearing the name of Washington within eyesight, and an entire State named for the man, and the dollar bill to name a few, is not enough for us poor Americans to remember our first President.
*Asking on his way to visit the Arizona memorial in Hawaii , he asked what Pearl Harbor was about. (Oh, maybe that’s more ignorance than misstep).
* While on a phone call to 7 year old at Christmas ask, “Do you still believe in Santa Claus, because, at 7 years old it’s kind of iffy.” What? Your a bad one Mr. Grinch.
*Mishandling of the Puerto Rico Hurricane disaster. He said “They have terrible leadership”, I think he forgot he’s their President. But he did throw out paper towels.
*His charity (I use the term loosely) fined for misuse of funds, no one involved, none of his children can work for a charity for 10 years, and must attend mandatory training.
*Charging the Secret Service up to $650 a night per room to stay while in his Security detail.
* Awarding right wing professional sh!t stirrer Rush Limbaugh the Medal of             Freedom.
* Hanging fake Time Magazine Cover paintings of himself in his resorts.
* Being presented the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences award. Trouble is, this award is run by a mob connected associate Joseph Cinque (Joey No Socks )a convicted felon. They hand out the prestigious “Star Diamond “ rating. The meaningless designation hangs in most Trump properties. It may interest you to know that the 30 trustees of the AAHS…are tRump friends and associates. Hmmmm.
*All cost of golf outings charged to tax payers (247 days and counting spent golfing)
*Ordering the rerouting of military planes to land and refuel at or near his resorts and provide housing for crew. In one instance, saving the local airport vital to the success of his golf course by directing them there. All paid for by the tax payers, to him.
*Opening National Parks and Wildlife sanctuaries to, fracking, mining and logging. Not to mention ordering pipelines to be routed through these and other protected lands.
* Attempting to open coastlines to drilling….along all coast.
*Rolling back regulations….rally attendees cheer. Wonder if they know this action is designed to cut cost for industry by allowing them to dump poisons into our waterways and pollutants into the air we breath. (Look at the MATS regulations roll backs newly proposed by the EPA). Also, cutting safety regulations that cost builders some money, but protect workers…..gone. I seemed to remember he’s a builder who might be directly effected by the relaxing of these regulations on down the road.
*Wanting to buy Greenland (and throwing a hissy fit when they turned him down)
*Calling El Paso one of the most dangerous cities in the country (actually one of the safest) and further saying it was made safer by a wall. The facts don’t bear that out.
*Complaining about his treatment as he visited cities where mass shootings occurred.
*Systematically getting rid of the Affordable Health Care Act (Obama Care) piece by piece. With no replacement plan.
* Pulling out of the Paris Agreement….being the only country on earth to do so.
*While denying climate change (even though we recorded 2019 as the warmest in history) he systematically has removed climate scientist from various agencies whose data shows we actually are in a precariously dangerous place in history as for as climate change, and he blocks reports and studies from those agencies that display the ramifications of climate change, to be published.
* Proposed budget cutting funding to Medicare and Medicaid programs. Watch out SS.
*Appointing unqualified people to Judicial positions, as long as they agree to comply with his demands.
*Appointing former lobbyist to head agencies they once lobbied against. That seems odd. Many of them leaving in disgrace and facing charges.
*Enriching himself at every opportunity while bragging “I don’t take a paycheck”
*Found guilty of defrauding students of his “University “ to the tune of 25 million.
* Demanding loyalty, giving none.
*Name calling of adversaries as a child in a elementary school yard might do. How Presidential.
*Accusations of sexual improprieties by over 20 women. Everybody’s lying but him.
* Failure to pay cities for their services provided during his rallies, this is not a glitch, it’s a feature.
*Wanting to lock up or investigate former political opponents, either real or imagined. (Last time I checked, Hillary was simply living out her days as a grandma….oooh dangerous.)
*Failure to support new gun control laws, in any form.
*And lastly, dividing this country like no other President has done before. In my lifetime (he makes Nixon look like a rookie), I have never seen a President govern ONLY for his party, the already wealthy, and big business. It appears this President is for sale, and worse, easily manipulated by anyone willing to share a buck.
*Oh yes….overuse of bronzer.
    These are mistakes in judgement and in some cases, downright illegal actions….the 16,000 + lies and mistruths since taking office not withstanding.
None of this is enough to make some one think long and hard about the kind of man that is in charge of this country? Really
And yes, I’m aware my face is blue.