Hey, Let’s Do This…

Let’s ram through a Supreme Court nominee.

Let’s ham-string the post office sorting ability.

Let’s remove post office drop boxes.

Let’s allow 1 ballot box per county in Texas.

Let’s call for an army of Poll Watchers.

Let’s recall the “Clinton Email” investigation.

     It worked once, no reason it can’t again.  Oh yea, the current first family has used non-government email servers,  Since the beginning.

Let’s put non-sanctioned ballot boxes everywhere we can, and

let’s say that’s in an attempt to provide a “fair” election.

Let’s stop the census count early so everyone will not be counted.

Let’s make it harder to vote…..a fair vote, is just not fair for Republicans.

Let’s purge voters, especially low income and ethnic groups, because we can’t win fairly if they are allowed to vote.

Let’s encourage voters to not wear mask.

Let’s hold huge rallies only days after been rushed to the hospital with Covid.

Let’s put the message out, that surviving Covid, makes you immune.

Let’s lie about a vaccine.

Let’s lie about the Presidents wealth.

Let’s lie about his tax returns, and what they will show.

Let’s tell everyone in earshot, about a fictitious “cure”

Let’s encourage those attending rallies, to go mask-less.

Let’s tell everyone that voting by mail, is an open invitation to fraud. (But, please remember, that the President, and his entire family….vote by mail)

   * to be clear, absentee ballots, are exactly the same as the ballots requested for mail in voting. The laws are the same concerning their legality, they are identical. Just saying.

Let’s endorse “Herd Immunity” which is quite different from “herd mentality” THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. (Despite his ignorant recent statements) People will die!

    These things are all desires of Republican agenda. They are all factual, and they are a conglomeration of the all the ideas of the current Republican Party.

   There are a few things that seem to have bubbled up to the top of the Republican stew. They have become so apparent, they are almost laughable….if they did not hold such dire consequences.

   What we have seen over the last few decades, is a separation of the wealthy, and the poor.

   When the life long dream of Paul Ryan, former Speaker of the House, was achieved, his goal of tax cuts for the rich, he ducked out as soon as legally possible.

   He achieved his goal. Tax cuts for the rich. Placing the burden of funding the country to the middle class.

   So, he split after achieving his goal. That is a snapshot of the motives of the Republican Party.

   So here is the R’s plan, as I see it. And it is painfully obvious.

   They have installed an amoral man into the highest office on Earth, and he is malleable. You talk nice to DJT, your fondest wish is granted.

   Lobbyist only have to grease his tiny palm, and he is in their pocket.

  Petroleum industry representatives, for example, only have to convince this President that the unleashing of toxic gases released during the refining process, will save millions of “DOLLARS” for them, he’s in. And be assured, this President will expect his thirty pieces of silver, for betraying the health of the country.

   These are the things that the Senate and industry quickly realized. Tell Donny you think he’s great, and you own the world.

   His decisions are not made through thought or reason, just his hunches. What?

   So far, for anybody who cares to GOOGLE it, he has been a failure his entire life. He is not a kid,  who after a small loan, (even by his own account..1 million dollars) pulled himself up by his boot straps. He was handed a fortune, and he lost that fortune many times over.

   The sole reason Republicans in government support him, is,  he is easily influenced, and as long as it benefits them, and him, he will sign anything.

   Let us understand, nothing is fair about this election.. and that should disturb us all.