Here’s The Playbook

Here’s the play book, and he does it EVERY TIME!

By your actions, you exacerbate or create the problem.
Then you do not acknowledge the problem.
Then minimize the extent of the problem.
Then blame either the Democrats, or the media for the problem.
Then you start the “Happy Talk”
Then you fudge the numbers.
Assure everyone the economy is strong.
And, when it becomes evident to everyone, that we are in the midst of a crisis,
You begin to talk about how you knew it all along and claim you put in place actions, you clearly didn’t.
You start to say things like, “If not for my quick action, we would be much worse off”
Only I can fix it. Then hand it off to the inept Vice President or other unqualified personnel, to distance yourself.
A true leader if their ever was one.