He Deserves A Second Chance…

  So many qualities how can he be denied
  So what if he encourages foreign interference in the next election. It worked so well for him the last time out.
Freedom of the press, just a thorn in his side.
His understanding of the Constitution is…BIGLY.
After all, he was impeached, but he wasn’t removed, so there’s that.
His dismantling our Government agencies, is unparalleled, and that’s a good thing, right? And those guidelines left behind by the former President and his pandemic response office, just weren’t necessary. I wonder what they said? Oh well. He surely has a plan, and we still may see it, some day.
And he did stop flights from China, kinda. 40, 000 people returned after the ban, and another 400,000 came back through secondary travel routes. That has to be something he is proud of. He mentions it all the time. I stopped travel from China.
I’m trying to remember if that was before or after he said it would go away , like a miracle. He had it handled, right? I am also sure, the month of February was jam packed with planning and stockpiling supplies necessary to combat a pandemic, just in case. Probably wasn’t going to happen, but I’m sure he was getting prepared.
Moving the goal post is perfectly acceptable when dealing with large numbers. 15 would be zero soon, well maybe 30,000. What, as I have said repeatedly is it may reach 50,000-60,000. Do you realize, that if this great man had not done ANYTHING, the death toll would be much higher, 2-2 1/2 million. So over 105,000 deaths is an absolute win. Yep, if nobody did anything, the death toll would be much higher, GENIUS! And this also makes perfect sense,”If we test more people, we will find more positive cases.” And you know how bad numbers can be.
He and son-in-law, were so spot on by congratulating themselves on a job well done.
What a kidder he is. His sense of humor is rapier sharp. Here’s a couple of zingers.
*I am the chosen one.
*When the Chinese leader walks into the room, people stand at attention, and he’s has been appointed the leader, for life, something maybe we should look at here in our country” it’s called sarcasm.
*Here a funny one, let’s nuke hurricanes while they are over the Atlantic
* speaking of hurricanes, did you know, Puerto Rico was surrounded by water, big water, ocean water. Makes it very difficult to get there. Priceless humor
* Dr. Birx, don’t you think we should look into the use of household disinfectants, ingested or injected into the body, it get’s in the lungs and does a job. Maybe ultraviolet light or powerful light inside the body (might need to drink some SP50) what do you think about that? Again, absolutely SARCASM. SO FUNNY!
* in a speech about the revolutionary war, he said in jest, they took over all the airports. I almost fell out of my chair, what a card.
* While hiding in his bunker under the Whitehouse, he bravely tweeted and cajoled State Governors to Dominate…or else you’ll look like jerks.
* Here’s the latest funny….While speaking from the Rose Garden, he spoke of standing with the peaceful protestors, then, hilariously ordered law enforcement to fire tear gas, flash bombs and horse mounted officers with batons, now get this, to clear the crowd of peaceful protestors, in the middle of the day, before the curfew, so, and here’s where it get’s really humorous, so he can hold a bible up in front of a church. What fun, he cracks me up.
Those are just some of his funnies.
I think anyone who continues throwing gasoline on the already blazing fire, no matter how big are small that fire is, is certainly dedicated to his cause.
Obviously a man who commands that sense of humor, and who also is leading for all the citizens of this country and shines in his stellar leadership in the time of the worst pandemic in 100 years, with the most social unrest in decades, deserves another term.  I mean, how bad could it get? (Now that’s sarcasm)