Seems like there are many Americans who don’t understand the experiment.

Yep, this whole country was and is an ongoing experiment.

    Oppressed people were encouraged to migrate to America. It was our calling card.
     We offered religious freedom to those religiously persecuted.

At first we were simply a destination. Then we became a nation.
We offered shelter to the oppressed. We offered a level playing field to anyone with the desire to live freely. That’s where the idea of a diverse nation was cemented in a document we know as The Constitution.
So many waves of immigrants. Irish, Scotts, persecuted Brits, Jewish, Italian, and so many more.
There was no question, as the immigrants exited Ellis Island, that they would not be offered the same privileges as any one standing next to them.

     Our draw was, come here, we accept you, you are free to build a new life within these shores. The experiment was, can a nation, with an ethnically diverse population, made up of immigrants from all corners of the earth have it’s citizens coexist and thrive.
That was the plan, that was the idea we clung to.

   And then, we invaded and eradicated  Native American populations ruthlessly. We stood by as human beings were imported to our shores. Well, “imported” may not be quite accurate.
We Kidnapped, and we bartered for humans, we employed them without benefits, AN ENTIRE RACE OF HUMANS. Some people embraced slavery, and genocide. That was a faction of us in the past, and it split the country.
So now, so many years later, we have not learned the lesson.
A democracy does not bend to wants and desires.
A racist President, cannot bend the rules.
The rules of this nation are laid down in black and white. It’s called the Constitution.
There are those who feel it’s appropriate to “Bend the Rules”, when it suits them. I would only recall this seemingly lost idea…. This is a democracy. Simplified….Majority rules. We live with a decision based on majority of the people’s will, or a will expressed by proxy of our majority elected officials.
Yep, we have made mistakes in the history of this country. That does not negate the rules set out by our Constitution, or even the mantra we have repeated about the qualities of our national message.
To disregard precedent at this point, during a pandemic, during one of the most incendiary periods in our history, with racial unrest at a peak, this President doubles down on violence and division.
If we don’t vote this IDIOT out, we will be living in a police state, directed by Donald Trump. The most uneducated, ignorant , cruel, human being ever to serve in the office of the Presidency. All the signs are there. We just need to open our eyes and see them.
This experiment is currently balanced precisely on the razor’s edge, and can, with the slightest nudge, fall to either side. We need to decide now, in this next election, when the fate of the country precariously hangs in the balance, not on which side it will fall, but where it will land with the experiment intact.