Continue The Flush…

Yes, my anti-tRump friends, he is circling the drain. His administration has been diametrically opposed to everything this country believes in.
Let’s not get complacent. We have 4 more months of this kind of rule(God help us should he be re-elected)…..continue the FLUSH!
He put conservative judges into the Supreme Court, but oddly, when he looked for rulings favorable to him, nope, they choose right over might.
His reply, we need to install more Supreme Court Justices.
He has yet to understand, that there is a huge number of people who believe that there is a “right ” thing to do. There are so many MORE people that understand this American experiment. We are an experiment. Never has a country been built on equality for all. We were that experiment.
So, while being denied twice in the last week by his stacked SC, he is circling the drain.
It is comical to me, that there is any lingering doubt about the intelligence of this individual. He is an idiot, who has skated by his educational training with donations from daddy. Former professors, who did not sign NDAs, say “He was the dumbest SOB I ever had the privilege of trying to teach”
I do understand, there is a base. There is a base that will stick with him, till the end. My gut feeling is this, they finally have a person in the highest office in the land, who they can relate to, and they are stickin’ with him.
Water seeks it’s own level, as they say. The level we see, is what you might witness in your own toilet. Yep, it’s all there, it’s bad, it happens daily, and it needs to be flushed. That’s where I’m at with this man. (I use the term loosely)
Nothing is more important, than the whims of a man who does not read, does not take advice, and considers his intellect above all others, while we see so much evidence to the contrary.
Flush this abomination of a man, before the system is so clogged, we may never emerge.
VOTE IN 2020! It could not be more important. VOTE DOWN BALLOT, it will help rectify systemic wrongs. Just vote…